Loving Lillian Madison Designs


I discovered Lillian Madison Designs through a Pinups of Color post on Instagram. I was so pleased to see an accessory that you could customise not only to your own style, but your own skin tone as well. I was not alone in my reaction as there were lots of comments from people who were so happy to see different skin tones being represented.


To many people finding an accessory in a similar skin tone to your own may not seem like a real issue. However growing up I never saw a doll that looked like me, make-up was swatched on skin tones I couldn’t relate to and when I entered the pin-up and vintage world, accessories still lacked diversity. Thankfully things are changing; many make-up brands are using models in a variety of skin tones, dolls are being made in different shapes and colours and Angelina of Lillian Madison is helping to diversify pin-up accessories. All of these efforts (no matter how big or small) help to show the world that there is not just one shade of beauty!

Screenshot 2016-05-22 10.30.57

In Angelina’s words:

There are so many shades of beauty in the world and I wanted to make a brooch to represent that.
I designed and created these cute Vixen Pinup Brooches to reflect every woman in every skin tone.


Screenshot 2016-05-22 10.30.05

I knew I definitely had to get my own mini-Cacao and, as a good pin-up wifey, I had to get Flo involved.

Screenshot 2016-05-22 11.30.50

When I showed her the brooches, she was really impressed by the amount of customisation you could have. You don’t just choose skin colour; you can choose hair, dress, shoe and jewellery colours too. If that’s not enough, you can even choose to add glitter to the different options at no extra cost. There are hundreds of  combinations to choose from – it was pretty difficult to make a decision!

Cacao: Skin Tone: caramel, Hair Colour: black, dark brown eyes, Dress Colour: green glitter, green shoes, Jewellery Colour: no necklace, gold earrings


Flo: Skin Tone: cream, Hair Colour: purpley brown, blue eyes, Dress Colour: red, red shoes, Jewellery Colour: white (pearls)


Each brooch cost $40 and was shipped in the US, though keep in mind that there’s an option for international shipping too – just be aware of customs charges.

Angelina’s customer service was great throughout. She thoughtfully sent us images of our brooches mid-production so we could see what they looked like before she added resin.


The brooches arrived in sturdy packaging with a lovely note from Lillian herself.


Each brooch comes with a date of creation, which is a nice touch. These brooches aren’t thin and flimsy but they aren’t too chunky either, they are definitely robust enough to withstand the strains of everyday life.


Upon receipt of our brooches, Flo and I obviously had to have a go at recreating the looks of our new mini-mes. Flo’s outfit is by Vivien of Holloway and my dress is by Collectif Clothing.

Thank you Lillian Madison Designs for creating brilliant brooches for different skin tones – we really appreciate your designs!



Havana Heaven

This year, I lost my Pin Up Girl Clothing virginity. How was it? Mind-blowing…so I went back for more.


I messaged PUG to ask what they felt was a true wardrobe essential – the Havana Nights dress came highly recommended. I quickly invested (sorry savings).

For once in my life, I didn’t have too much trouble trying to figure out which print or colour to go for. Cool Toned Cabana Stripes screamed, “buy me!”. I checked the size chart and decided the large would be the best fit for me. There are so many colours in this dress; you could pair it with a huge array of cardigans, shoes and hair accessories. It felt like the perfect dress as I adore versatile items of clothing.


This dress is made of thick fabric, which hangs beautifully but doesn’t feel too heavy. You could easily add a petticoat for little extra oomph – if you fancy. Fastening with an invisible back zip, the Havana looks flawless from all angles. I must mention the POCKETS! I have a huge small obsession with dresses that have pockets. Though, sometimes dress pockets can be irritatingly small and useless. The pockets on this dress, however, are very generous – you might be able to survive without a handbag!


I paired this dress with a bolero from Monsoon and a pair of Office flats (appropriate for a trip to Reading museum, right?). It would be quite simple to dress this look down with sandals and a denim jacket. Alternatively, you could turn up the glamour with a pair of sky high heels and some vintage jewels.

For the budget-conscious, this is your go-to PUG item. Not only is it incredibly figure-flattering, it is so easy to transform you look. This dress is going to get A LOT of wear.