Fine and Dandy

Oh Internet, you perplex me! Sometimes you fill me with dread but, more often than not, you bring me joy – particularly so in getting to know Dandy Wellington.

Both of us share similar values and views on the world. Through Instagram, we came into contact, sporadically sending messages of support or thoughts about issues to one another. Now, Dandy resides in New York and I’m based in the town of Wokingham – it felt quite unlikely that we’d ever meet. However luck would have it that Dandy and his partner were crossing the pond to visit London for a week…and so it came to be that we met in real life!


A special occasion calls for a special outfit. This vintage Windsmoor coat was picked up at my first vintage fair in Birmingham with my mum – I fell in love with the colour and the gorgeous sleeves. Under that, I wore a truly beautiful dress that my other half picked out for me when were at Twinwood this summer. Not only is it a bright shade of purple but it is also has pockets and is covered in my favourite pattern – paisley. To keep off the chill, I added a cardigan from Vivien of Holloway. I seriously loved this whole ensemble.

Cream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5602.jpgCream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5613.jpgCream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5621.jpgCream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5654.jpgCream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5611.jpgCream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5641.jpgCream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5649.jpgCream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5650.jpgCream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5620.jpgCream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5625.jpgCream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5617.jpgCream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5656.jpg

The Meeting

Nick and I met up with Dandy and Darlene at The Ivy in Kensington. We’d never been before but we’ll definitely be back again. The surroundings were stunning and the perfect setting for tea and talk. Usually I’m snap-happy but apart from stopping to photograph scones (they are quite lovely), I was too busy nattering to document anything else.

Cream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5701.jpgCream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5704.jpgCream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5706.jpg

From Kensington, we hopped on the tube to Shoreditch.

Cream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5708.jpg

We ended up at the Courthouse Hotel to meet up with some of Dandy’s friends, including the always delightful Elora and Michelle. After a week of feeling seriously under the weather, it felt good to let my hair down and hang out with people make me smile.

Cream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5713.jpgCream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5715.jpgCream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5711.jpg

We sat and talked about a heck of a lot. One of the things I particularly loved was Elora and Dandy talking about her artwork – something she should be very proud of. I love people-watching and it was was so good to be around a group of people who were happy to lift each other up for no other reason than them just wanting to. Sadly, I was still feeling rough from being ill all week so we had to head off early. We left with hugs and plans to meet again though.

Cream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5719.jpgCream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5666.jpgCream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5668.jpgCream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5673.jpgCream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5665.jpg

I couldn’t have asked for more – a wonderful memory made.

Cream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5671.jpg

Autumn In Stuttgart: Part 1

I’ve previously written about Kelly and Rhina. After a chatty pub dinner earlier this year, we very quickly formed a most wonderful friendship. As with many things in life, change came along and Rhina moved to Germany at the end of July. Not ones to admit defeat, the three of us promised that we would not stay out of touch – thankfully, we didn’t (yay group messages!). Once Rhina got settled, she put out an open invite to Kelly and me, as well as our partners, to come visit. Kelly and I are teachers so we looked at when our half terms linked up and soon we had flights booked. A couple of weeks ago the three of us were finally reunited!

Day 1:

Early in the morning, Kelly and Grant met up with Nick and me at the airport. In a few short hours, we were with Rhina at the University of Hoehenheim – there was running, screaming and hugs involved. We met her lovely colleagues and saw some very old and rare specimens from their collection – I was so scared of dropping them! After a very delicious German canteen lunch, Rhina showed us around the university and the botanical gardens. The weather was almost as if we were in late summer (thick tights weren’t a great choice). Autumn in Stuttgart is particularly beautiful.

Stuttgart 2017_IMG_0620.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0623.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0627.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0630.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0633.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0635.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0613.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0644.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0649.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0654.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0658.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0667.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0666.jpg

University explored, we took the rack railway into central Stuttgart for an ice cream break and a quick look around. From there we headed back to Rhina’s place to drop our stuff and relax. Kelly brought a surprise over for Rhina in the form of a handmade dress – needless to say, Rhina loved it.


Later on, we went off for dinner at a ‘BROOM’ (winemakers open up their homes, serving local wine and food – signposted with a broom on the side of their home). I don’t think we realised how knackered we were from travelling so we headed back for some shut-eye after some local music.


Day 2:

After a massive, traditional German breakfast, Rhina took us to the Stuttgart City Library. As we like to coordinate, we all wore dresses handmade by Kelly. I love libraries but this was something else – I could have happily spent the entire day (and more) there. The space was incredibly calming and visually-pleasing. On the roof, we got all-round views of the city.

Stuttgart 2017_IMG_0668.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0671.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0696.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0737.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0705.jpg


Next we went off to explore more of the city, including the food market. We strolled past stall after stall of mouth-watering produce, stopping to try Ofenschupfler as we worked out wanted to get.

Stuttgart 2017_IMG_0745.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0751.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0765.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0785.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0787.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0788.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0795.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0800.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0804.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0806.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0809.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0810.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0813.jpgIMG_5476IMG_20171028_112832_789.jpgIMG_5477Stuttgart 2017_IMG_0818.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0822.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0824.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0828.jpgIMG_5479Stuttgart 2017_IMG_0833.jpg

In the evening, we met up with Rhina’s husband Holger at an art gallery. After a mooch about, we headed off to a local bar for more delicious German food and good conversation.

A fabulous start to our holiday!


Papow Ponders #14: People-Pleasing

I’m hitting thirty next year and, as with many ‘big’ birthdays, I’ve been doing a bit of self-reflection. I’ve come to realise that my attitude towards what other people think of me has changed quite significantly over time.

For most of my life, I’ve been desperate to be liked and accepted. It hasn’t necessarily been about being popular – it has been about being well-thought of. Wanting to people-please has often meant that I change the way I act or react around others. At its worst, I hide myself: my values, my sense of humour, my opinions and my anxieties. Essentially, I become a grey yes-man.

Going to university first started to change my way of thinking. I developed a friendship with a group of free-thinking and funny students, who accepted me for me (warts and all). Because of this I started to reconsider my other friendships and cut out people who didn’t allow me to be me. I came to the realisation that I only had three true friends at secondary school along with my other half. Looking back, I now feel incredibly frustrated that I spent so long trying to be liked by people who couldn’t have cared less about me.

The next turning point after university was getting into pin-up and vintage fashion. I found a new community to be part of and I was excited. With that excitement, old feelings of wanting validation and acceptance returned once more. During meet-ups or events, I’d judge myself against everyone – I had to look perfect and be so agreeable that no-one could say anything bad about me. This time though, I could see what was happening. I made a decision to focus on reciprocal, positive friendships rather than fluffy, meaningless acquaintances. From this, I’ve developed a handful of solid and wonderful relationships with people I truly care for. Just because someone is into the same stuff that you are, it doesn’t mean that that person is right for you. The best friendships come a huge variety of elements – not just shared preferences.

Part of me wishes that I could have come to this realisation at a much earlier age but then another part of me knows that I’d never have got to this point without all those experiences to shape and change me. It’s such a freeing feeling. I still worry about what people think of me and I still get massive anxiety around disagreeing with others but it’s only the thoughts of people who I have strong bonds with that matter now. No minute gone comes ever again so focus those who are truly important to you.

Paris, Mum and Dior

Earlier this year I heard that there was going to be a huge Christian Dior fashion exhibition in Paris. As soon as I found out, I messaged my mum and let her know that we HAD to go. Heading away for the weekend is a big deal for my mum: when we were younger, we rarely went on holiday as time and money were a bit of an issue. This time I knew that ‘no’ wasn’t going to be an acceptable answer and we promptly booked our little getaway.

Last Saturday, we hopped on the tube to St Pancras International early in the morning. We were only going to be away for one night so we packed lightly and dressed for mild autumnal weather. Mum hadn’t been on holiday since we went to San Francisco over two years ago so it felt necessary to whisk her away from home.

Paris 2017_IMG_5097.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5098.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5100.jpg

After we got into Paris, we dropped our luggage at the hostel and headed off for some lunch. Fuelled up with a delicious tart aux pomme, we walked to the Museum of Decorative Arts. The queue was huge but we were in within ten minutes.

Paris 2017_IMG_5102.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5104.jpgIMG_20171021_143824.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5112.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5123.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5115.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5121.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5128.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5129.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5130.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5131.jpg

Now when mum and I have been to other exhibitions, we’ve had an allotted time to visit. However, the tickets for the Dior exhibition gave you a window of a few days. Unfortunately, this meant that there was A LOT of crowding. The space was packed with people and it was hot and stuffy – a very claustrophobic atmosphere. Although mum and I got to see everything, we didn’t have much time to read or linger over many exhibits because of the crowd in front of and behind us.

Paris 2017_IMG_5134.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5147.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5224.jpg

In spite of all that, we did manage to see some stunning exhibits. Mum and I could have quite easily had every one of these pieces in our wardrobes… but sizing and funds said NO. The amazing detail and work put into each garment was mind-boggling.

Paris 2017_IMG_5133.jpg

Paris 2017_IMG_5136.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5139.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5145.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5148.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5149.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5150.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5153.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5155.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5157.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5159.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5160.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5161.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5162.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5164.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5165.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5169.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5170.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5172.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5174.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5175.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5177.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5178.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5185.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5186.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5189.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5196.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5200.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5205.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5207.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5218.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5219.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5220.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5221.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5222.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5223.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5225.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5226.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5227.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5230.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5233.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5232.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5234.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5235.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5236.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5237.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5238.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5240.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5244.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5246.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5248.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5249.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5251.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5257.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5258.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5262.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5268.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5269.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5270.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5279.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5281.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5282.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5285.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5286.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5287.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5292.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5294.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5295.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5296.jpg

Something that struck me throughout the entire exhibition (and has also struck me with other fashion exhibitions that I’ve visited) is the lack of model diversity. In the entire exhibit, I found only three photographs including people of colour and no images of models beyond sample size. This was further heightened by the fact that so many of these clothes had obviously been directly influenced or inspired by other cultures. I know the fashion industry is slowly changing but I always find it jarring how the world of fashion rarely reflects the real demographics of the world.

Paris 2017_IMG_5273.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5214.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5274.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5277.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5210.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5264.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5215.jpg

At the end of the exhibition, we found ourselves in a wonderful room filled with glamorous dresses – a fabulous end to the exhibition!

Paris 2017_IMG_5299.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5298.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5304.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5302.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5306.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5303.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5308.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5309.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5315.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5316.jpg

Feeling overheated and exhausted, we headed back to our hostel to put our feet up and have a breather. A little later, we made a B-line for the Rue de Mouffetard which was a six minute walk from our hostel. Rhina had recommended this place as a foodie hot-spot and boy she wasn’t wrong!

Paris 2017_IMG_5320.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5323.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5337.jpgIMG_20171021_185644.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5340.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5341.jpg

It was such a cosy yet lively place, full of stalls, cafes and restaurants. In the end, we settled on a pub called ‘Mouffetard’. Our meal was truly delicious: steak frites and a bottle of Brouilly wine between us. Just what we needed after a long day.


As we’d both taken in the main sights on previous visits to Paris when we were younger, the next day we headed to a flea market. There were tons of knick-knacks and assorted bits-and-bobs. Mum and I love a good bargain but a lot of the stuff on offer was incredibly pricey. We ended up with a brooch each and I grabbed a crepe for my breakfast.

Paris 2017_IMG_5346.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5347.jpgParis 2017_IMG_5348.jpg

Mooching done, we took the Metro back to Rue de Mouffetard for our final French meal. @notsobasiclondon had recommended a few places to me, one of them being Le Petit Bretonne. This place was crepe heaven (so good, I’d head back to Paris for them). Mum and I each sat down to a plate of buttery, lemony yumminess.


Tummies full, we started our journey back to England. Thanks to everyone who gave me ideas, recommendations and suggestions – it made for a great trip! Mum was a brilliant traveling companion and I hope she’ll be open to me taking her away more often.

Paris 2017_IMG_5361.jpg

Jean Genies #3: Lady K Loves Kickstarter

LadyKLoves Jeans Sept 2017_IMG_0500.jpg

Earlier in the year, I made a pledge to the Lady K Loves Jeans Kickstarter campaign. I already owned a pair of their jeans (you can read about then here) but I wanted to try a different style. Looking at the different styles and talking to several pals. I settled on the ‘Le Wild’ style.

LadyKLoves Jeans Sept 2017_IMG_0546.jpgLadyKLoves Jeans Sept 2017_IMG_0591.jpgLadyKLoves Jeans Sept 2017_IMG_0532.jpg

When my Kickstarter first arrived, the jeans weren’t Lady K Loves’ usual quality and they did not look right on me. Thankfully, customer service was amazing and I had a replacement pair in no time – zero hassle!

LadyKLoves Jeans Sept 2017_IMG_0549.jpgLadyKLoves Jeans Sept 2017_IMG_0520.jpgLadyKLoves Jeans Sept 2017_IMG_0516.jpgLadyKLoves Jeans Sept 2017_IMG_0606.jpg

As part of my Kickstarter pack, I got a Lady K Loves voucher so I put this towards a top – the ‘Jess’ in mustard. As soon as I saw it, I knew it would be a perfect casual separate for my wardrobe.

LadyKLoves Jeans Sept 2017_IMG_0586.jpgLadyKLoves Jeans Sept 2017_IMG_0573.jpgLadyKLoves Jeans Sept 2017_IMG_0552.jpg

I combined my Kickstarter goodies with my trusty leather jacket, an old brooch and a pair of Converse. I love how casual but put-together this outfit looks. These pieces are also easy to dress up too.

I’m really glad I pledged – I know these jeans will last for ages!

LadyKLoves Jeans Sept 2017_IMG_0557.jpg

Thanks @darktechsupport for these beautiful images!

Salute To The Forties 2017

This was my third year at Salute to The Forties, you can read previous posts on the event here and here.


I always go nautical for Salute To The Forties as it’s based in Chatham dockyard. The dress and cardigan are both from Vivien Of Holloway. I wore Converse as I knew I’d be on my feet all day.

Salute to the 40s 2017_IMG_4860.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_4872.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_4864.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_4858.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_4873.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_4862.jpg

Salute to the 40s 2017_IMG_4889.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0082.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0107.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0091.jpg

The Event

On the day, we travelled down with Flo (so so happy that she hopped along!). When we arrived, we met up with Lucy Stanton and here’s what we got up to.

Salute to the 40s 2017_IMG_4875.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_9866.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_9870.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_9876.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_9882.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_9884.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_9910.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_9929.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_9944.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_9977.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_9982.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_9987.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_4879.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_9991.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_9993.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0008.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_4883.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_4884.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_4885.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0017.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0015.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0027.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0030.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_4887.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0025.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0039.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0051.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0066.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0075.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0077.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0113.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0129.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_4890.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0139.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0145.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0151.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0152.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0157.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0163.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0168.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0170.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0172.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0173.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0178.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0183.jpg

Salute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0185.jpg
The loveliest couple with the most fabulous handmade knitwear (yes, we bought some)

Salute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0186.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0190.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_4895.jpg

Salute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0210.jpg
Chatting with Rosy Apples and Hettie Sky

Salute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0214.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0227.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0231.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0236.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0240.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0241.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0245.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0265.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0272.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0300.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0301.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0312.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0331.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0333.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0343.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0352.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0354.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0360.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0366.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0376.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0381.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0384.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0456.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0458.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0468.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0471.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0472.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0476.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0480.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0482.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0483.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0488.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0493.jpgSalute to the 40s 2017_IMG_0490.jpg

As you can see, we had a great day – perfectly chilled! Thanks to @darktechsupport for capturing the day beautifully.

Salute to the 40s 2017_IMG_4880.jpg

Sci-Fi Exhibition & VOH Party

On the last weekend of the summer holidays, Nick and I hopped on the train for a night’s stay in London.


As we were spending much of our time walking round the city, I opted for practical and comfortable. I whipped my hair into a turban from Sarah’s Doo Wop Dos – perfect for lazy days. My fabulous jeans are from my Lady K Loves Kickstarter pack and they fit like a dream. I added a striped top from Primark and a little lizard brooch.


Into The Unknown

I am a huge sci-fi nerd, especially dystopian fiction. The Barbican had advertised an exhibition closing in September so we decided to attend on the final day. I’ve been to quite a few exhibitions over the years, some have been breath-taking and others a little disappointing – but this was something else. We spend nearly three hours taking in exhibit after exhibit – it was pure escapism and it was glorious!


After losing ourselves in alien worlds and imagined futures, our thoughts quickly turned to food so we proceeded to stuff our faces at Bodeans in Covent Garden. Thanks to Steph Pink for the recommendation – it was ruddy good.


VOH Party

Last year, I went to my first ever VOH party with my buddy Kelly and Nick. Due to work commitments, Kelly couldn’t make it but Nick was still happy to come along. After checking into our hotel, we had a quick change of outfit (VOH of course) and then we headed off to Nambucca.


A proper lovely end to my summer break – with a massive brunch the next day too!