Exploring The Bay Area: A Photo Story

Day 1: Ice cream, ramen and drag.

SanFrancisco 2018_IMG_7087.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_7099.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_7100.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_7101.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_7103.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_7105.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_7108.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_7114.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_7116.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_7120.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_7123.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_7128.jpgIMG_20180401_231035_978IMG_20180401_233349_104

Day 2: The Pork Store, Haight and Ashbury, Relic Vintage and The Ice Cream Bar.

SanFrancisco 2018_IMG_7130.jpgIMG_20180402_095823IMG_20180402_123105IMG_20180402_123123IMG_20180402_125910IMG_20180402_124718SanFrancisco 2018_IMG_5720.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_5723.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_5724.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_5739.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_5744.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_5755.jpg

Day 3: Ferry Building, Musee Mecanique, cable cars and Mission.

SanFrancisco 2018_IMG_7141.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_7145.jpgIMG_20180403_095109IMG_20180403_095119IMG_20180403_111505SanFrancisco 2018_IMG_5762.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_5784.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_5792.jpgIMG_20180403_120624IMG_20180403_115854SanFrancisco 2018_IMG_5794.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_5795.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_5797.jpgIMG_20180403_125840IMG_20180403_130147IMG_20180403_130743IMG_20180403_133546SanFrancisco 2018_IMG_5802.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_5803.jpgIMG_20180403_143715SanFrancisco 2018_IMG_5808.jpgIMG_20180403_160404IMG_20180403_160546IMG_20180403_160602IMG_20180403_163038IMG_20180403_171619IMG_20180403_171734IMG_20180403_180416

Day 4: Long coastal walk, Golden Gate windmills and the best grilled cheese ever.

SanFrancisco 2018_IMG_5810.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_5826.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_5829.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_5832.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_5842.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_5843.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_5847.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_5848.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_5850.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_5854.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_5874.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_5888.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_5892.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_5898.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_5899.jpgIMG_20180405_183431_446

Day 5: Conservatory of Flowers, botanical gardens, Ethiopian food and taiyaki.

SanFrancisco 2018_IMG_7196.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_7149.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_7151.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_7153.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_5906.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_7156.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_7160.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_7161.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_7162.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_7165.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_5910.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_5911.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_7166.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_5917.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_7169.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_7172.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_7185.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_7173.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_5920.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_7181.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_5929.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_7183.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_5932.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_5949.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_5969.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_5972.jpgSanFrancisco 2018_IMG_5981.jpgMaker:0x4c,Date:2017-10-16,Ver:4,Lens:Kan03,Act:Lar01,E-YMaker:0x4c,Date:2017-10-16,Ver:4,Lens:Kan03,Act:Lar01,E-YMaker:0x4c,Date:2017-10-16,Ver:4,Lens:Kan03,Act:Lar01,E-Y

Day 6: Bette’s Diner, Cheeseboard, ridiculous rain and anniversary dinner.

IMG_20180406_101329_561IMG_20180407_083816_186IMG_20180407_083816_188IMG_20180407_083816_185IMG_20180406_143443SanFrancisco 2018_IMG_7206.jpgIMG_20180406_175835IMG_20180407_083816_184IMG_20180407_083816_199

Day 7: Vegan brunch, cat cafe, trans rock opera, Mexican food and catching up.

IMG_20180407_124912IMG_20180407_131110IMG_20180408_085518_707IMG_20180407_162705_590SanFrancisco 2018_IMG_7207.jpgIMG_20180407_193802IMG_20180407_194057

Day 8: Berkley again, bookstores and Little Giant Ice Cream.


Day 9: Oakland, brunch, spice shop, Cookiebar ice cream and graffiti.


This was my third trip to the Bay Area and I still haven’t visited half of it. It’s one of my favourite places in the world and I always feel so welcome. Remember there is so much to see outside of San Francisco – so go and explore!

SanFrancisco 2018_IMG_5841.jpg

Drag Nights #2: Nightgowns

In January, I went to my first ever drag show, you can read about it here. I loved it to say the least. On holiday in the Bay area, I caught another show at a club in Castro (though I didn’t document it that well sadly). When my friend Kelly suggested we go to the UK premiere performance of Sasha Velour’s Nightgowns, I just couldn’t say no. She a fellow lover of drag and it would be too good an opportunity to pass up.

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7574.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7561.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7568.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7566.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7564.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7581.jpg


It was a scorcher of a day so I slung on this dress from Collectif and trotted off to meet Kelly. We started off with bibimbap in Soho – maybe not the best idea for a hot day but so good! We then cooled off with a fabulous (if not slightly messy) ice cream from Chin Chin.


London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7582.jpg

After a little wait in the sun, we found our seats at The Grand in Clapham. It was a beautiful space indeed and we were so excited!

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7583.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7585.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7586.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7587.jpg
Olive D’Nightlife

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7589.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7596.jpg
Sasha Velour

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7598.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7601.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7603.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7606.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7618.jpg
Vander Von Odd

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7616.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7621.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7626.jpg
Anna Phylactic

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7627.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7631.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7632.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7636.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7637.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7639.jpg
Virgin Xtravaganzah

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7640.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7646.jpg
Victoria Sin

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7650.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7655.jpg
Joe Black

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7652.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7658.jpg
Neon Calypso

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7660.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7662.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7663.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7665.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7668.jpg
Untitled Queen

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7669.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7672.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7673.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7674.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7676.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7675.jpg

We came away from the show just full of joy. I’d seen so many queens I’d never seen before and I’m so glad I did. Throughout the performances, we laughed, cried, boogied, sang and held hands. A truly wonderful drag experience.

Art Installations And Afternoon Tea With Cats

Yay! The weather’s warmed up and it’s actually sunny – on a bank holiday too. A few months ago, we’d started to plan what we’d get up to this weekend and finally it was here. Both of us have had full-on weeks at work so some downtime was needed.

As I knew we were heading to a cat cafe, I wore my only cat-print piece of clothing with a top from Lady K Loves.

Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7450.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7449.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7452.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7458.jpg

Our first stop was Housmans bookshop in King’s Cross. I follow an artist called Soofiya on Instagram. I first heard about them at Burnt Roti’s ‘Beauty Of Being British Asian’ exhibition – you can read more about it here. They’d created a zine called ‘Auntie Fatima’ and I was desperate to pick it up. I fell in love with Housmans – I could have blown my entire bank account in there. If you get the chance to visit please do – their children’s section is awesome too.




Next on our list was ‘Sense Of Space’ at Broadgate. It’s an art installation designed to activate your senses and challenge your sensory perceptions through art. On such a beautiful day, it was tempting just to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine. Each room definitely made you feel something different. Our favourite room was The Infinite Garden – not only was it visually beautiful but you felt like you could lose yourself in there. The installation is free to view until May 18th so you can see what it’s like for yourself.

Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7463.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7465.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7466.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7469.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7476.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7489.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7490.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7477.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7494.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7495.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7497.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7499.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7505.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7507.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7512.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7516.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7517.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7518.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7519.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7526.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7527.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7524.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7521.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7522.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7536.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7535.jpg

After a stroll through the graffiti-covered side streets of Shoreditch, we were ready for afternoon tea at Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium. My other half’s mum arranged it as our Christmas gift this year – such a lovely idea. Nick adores cats so this was perfect for him. Afternoon tea surrounded by roaming cats sounds a little odd but you get used to it quite quickly. Savouries included mini-baguettes filled with tuna or egg mayo, cheese scones and jalapeno cornbread. Then, we moved on to scones with raspberry or strawberry jam. Finally, we got on to the cakes – a mixture of quite yummy patisserie. After we munched, we spent some time petting kitties, feeling very content.

Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7537.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7539.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7542.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7543.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7544.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7545.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7546.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7547.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7549.jpgIMG_20180505_140152.jpgIMG_20180505_134339.jpgIMG_20180505_140500.jpgIMG_20180505_140418.jpg

It was a simply wonderful day – good company, perfect weather and memorable experiences. What more could you want?

Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7485.jpg

Out And About In April

Since I’ve been back from my holiday, I’ve had quite a few mini-adventures out and about in London. I thought I’d share a few in this blog post. Be aware – there will be lots of yummy things!

Mooching in Spitalfields with Kelly

I met up with Kelly, mainly to give her some things I picked up in the US, but we ended up having such a fab day. We started off some vegan desserts at Cookies & Scream, followed by a video call shopping spree with Rhina – surreal and so much fun! We then wandered over to Liverpool Street to mooch around Brick Lane and Spitalfields. I tried on some bits in Collectif and then we went to pick up bagels to take home. We were starving after all this and ended up munching some messy but tasty naan wraps. Dessert came in the form of milkshakes at The Diner. We left very happy indeed.




Ice Cream and Burgers with Becky

We had a strange week-long heatwave this month so Becky and I got our summer dresses out for a foodie day. We explored Camden and hit our first stop – Chin Chin Ice Cream. It was nothing less than dessert perfection in every way. Perfect portion size and not sickly, it was a great combination of burnt butter caramel ice cream, toffee sauce and sticky toffee sponge – yum yum. We then hopped on the tube to Victoria… I might have lost Becky for a little bit. We found each other again at Victoria and went to try out Bleecker Burger. Though it was a perfectly acceptable meal, it wasn’t anything to write home about sadly. Feeling a bit rough from the heat, we headed home to slouch on our respective sofas.


Exploring South West London with Nick and Sam

Yesterday, Nick and I headed to Brixton to meet up with my old uni friend Sam. Feeling a little worse for wear after a previous late night, coffee was sorely needed. Federation do a mean filter and a shared portion of spiced avocado toast made me feel so much better. After meeting Sam, we strolled round Brixton before sitting down for lunch at The Joint. The Joint had been recommended to me by Notsobasiclondon and boy, it did not disappoint. We had pulled pork burgers, onion rings, sweet potato fries and mac and cheese bites. It was seriously good. Sam then took us to Streatham for coffee and dessert at Blackbird Bakery. I had home-made plum tart and ice cream and was a very happy bunny. Finally, we headed to Tooting Broadway to explore the markets – unfortunately we were far too full to try anything else! We ended up having a few drinks before travelling home. I’d definitely be happy to repeat this day out.


If you’ve got any recommendations for exploring different areas of the UK or London, please let me know – I’m always looking for new things to do!


Papow Ponders #17: My Relationship With Food

If you met me today, you would know me as someone who loves their food. On my recent trip to the Bay Area, I shared my food diary online. Most of the comments I got were generally really positive but there were a couple that really got to me: ‘Gaining weight just looking at your posts’ and ‘I hope you packed stretchy clothes’. To some, these might be throwaway comments not worth giving a second thought but to me these comments are the most neurotic parts of my mind coming back to haunt me.

I’ve not always had the best relationship with food. Most of my time growing up, I’d see my mum dieting and grappling with her body image. Though she never put any of her issues on to me and always told me I was beautiful, I couldn’t help picking up on the idea that ‘fat was bad’. I remember from about the age of ten feeling bigger than the other girls in my class and that’s when my relationship with food started to change.

I struggled with my enjoyment of food and the painful guilt I felt every time I ate it. At its worst, it would really negatively impact on my family. From a young age, I have been surrounded by great food – my family is full of great cooks (with the exception of my grandpa). A huge part of of our culture is cooking and eating together whatever the occasion. It’s an element of family life I adore. However when I was filled with massive anxiety about food making me bigger, I would be a horrible dinner guest. I’d resent everyone who was enjoying themselves and I couldn’t enjoy what I was eating because I was so full of angst. I still feel so much regret about the many meals I have ruined. As my weight got picked on more and more at school, my eating habits became very boom and bust: gorging in secret and eating little in front of others. That, I thought at least, would make me feel less guilty when I was eating in front of others. It didn’t though.

When I met my other half at school, my issues remained. He’d compliment me all the time and I refused to believe him. Eating together was incredibly uncomfortable for me. I’d been told so much that I was fat and disgusting that I couldn’t comprehend someone being attracted to me. It stopped me trusting him – another huge regret. When I went to university, I don’t think I ever heard a negative comment about my weight. Old habits die hard though and I still spend my time comparing myself to everyone else. Slowly though, I started to relax. I’d help my grandma cook dinner and eat with her (I lived with my grandparents during uni). I’d hang out with friends who never made an issue of my size so I felt less self-conscious.

Unfortunately, it didn’t last. I went to Germany for my year abroad and ended up quite isolated in a small village. The change from London was huge and I lost my entire support network as we were placed all over the country. I became very regimented with my food – even now I could probably list what I put in my shopping basket every week. There are so many great dishes in Germany but I would stick to the same things again and again. I’d feel guilty if I was ever full. By the time I finished my year abroad, I’d dropped three dress sizes, developed anxiety and IBS and I was utterly miserable.

After uni until I hit twenty-eight, I continued these guilt cycles with food. After I sought help for my anxiety and started communicating more with my friends and family, I finally allowed myself to stop hating myself, change my relationship with food and enjoy life.

It’s an ongoing process though and sometimes I find myself in a weak moment. When those moments happen though, I take time to reflect on how far I’ve come. Getting those comments a few years ago would have sent me into a very negative spiral. Now though, I can lift my head up and just say I don’t need to worry about any of that. If I share pictures of food online, the focus is on the food not me. What happens to my body is my business and no-one else’s.

London 01-18 Kelly_IMG_6332.jpg20170916111425_IMG_488320170701163636_IMG_314320170102182759_IMG_1094

Thrifting And Vintage Shopping In The Bay Area

Well it’s been a busy few weeks – apologies for posting every other week rather than weekly. Everything’s back on schedule now so it’s business as usual!

Last week, I was in one of my favourite places in the world: the Bay Area. This was my third visit with my other half. We lived in Oakland for a month back in 2010 and we spent our summer hols there in 2015. My husband had a work trip that ended around the start of my Easter break so we thought it’d be a good time to head back out again. Oakland has a very special place in my heart: I’ve always felt really safe and relaxed there; there are so many cultures and communities living in one area and the food is awesome. I know it’s a place I can’t stay away from for too long.

Whenever I head over, I always enjoy a decent bit of thrifting and vintage shopping. It’s a great place for it so I thought I’d put together a little guide. Obviously there are folks out there who know way more about this stuff than me but this is just a list of my go-to spots. I’ve linked either their websites, IG or FB page so you can find out more if you wish.

Goodwill, The Salvation Army and Buffalo Exchange

These three shops can be found all over the Bay Area. I will generally have a browse in any one I come across. My favourite Buffalo Exchanges (second hand) are in Berkeley and Haight & Ashbury. I tend to visit Goodwill and The Salvation Army (charity shops) in Oakland. You can find all sorts in these places and the prices are really affordable. Unlike a carefully curated vintage shop, you have to really sift through everything – sometimes you might find a load of stuff and sometimes you might be completely unsuccessful. My best finds are usually vintage coats or the odd dress. I know I’ll always find some colourful jumpers for school too.

Mars Mercantile – Berkeley

Mars is one of my favourite vintage/second hand shops. It’s a really easy place to navigate with clearly marked out sections – dresses are organised by era and style and other garments are generally colour ordered. Eras range from the fifties to the nineties. I always seem to find something there and it’s also very affordable.

Haight & Ashbury

Haight & Ashbury is a neighbourhood in San Francisco which is filled with vintage boutiques and a variety of eclectic shops – good spot for mooching and exploring.

Held Over – This place is pretty big and has a huge range of vintage from the fifties to the eighties. It takes a good while to sift through everything but you can definitely find some bits.

Decades Of Fashion – The first time I went here, I found it quite intimidating: all the clothes were in plastic covers (something I’m really not a fan of). However on my latest visit, nearly all of the covers were gone – I wonder if they were having a sale of some kind. I’d say it’s quite similar to held over as you have to rummage a bit.

Relic Vintage – Relic is easily the friendliest and most beautiful vintage shop I’ve had the pleasure of visiting. They focus mainly on forties and fifties era clothing. You can be a vintage novice or a real expert – the staff will treat you with total respect. They are incredibly knowledgeable and give great advice on styling too. One of my favourite things about Relic is that they have measurements on all their garments. This allows you choose wisely and also stops the disappointment of finding something then discovering it won’t fit. Everything I’ve seen there is in fantastic condition – no musty whiffs or items in need of fixing. You can try on whatever you like and there are also a variety of accessories to help finish off your outfit. I’ve shopped in Relic with my mum and also my husband – neither of them are hugely into vintage style but they both ended up with gorgeous vintage pieces. I couldn’t recommend this place enough.

Apologies for the lack of photos, I was having fun and not really documenting my shopping!

Livin’ It Up In Liverpool

Around August last year, I headed up to Manchester to meet my seamstress friend Flick to sort out a special dress (you can read about it here). While I was up north, I got chatting to Flick’s friend Steph and we just seemed to click. We kept in touch and hung out in London for an epic girls’ weekend in November. Not long after Christmas, we made plans to spend some more time together in Liverpool. Perfect for the end of a very long term at school!

After a four and a half hour train journey on Friday, I settled down at Steph’s with prosecco, fajitas and the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race – she knows me well. Early the next morning, Steph drove us to Stockport for our appointment at I Love Lucie. I’ve been having my hair cut by Lucie for over two years, initially booking her guest spots in London. Her guest spots in London have closed for the time being so if I’m ever in the area, I love to get my hair by her. As we were both going, we took advantage of their ‘bring a friend’ deal…as did Flick and Karen who were meeting us in the salon for a catch-up.

IMG_6927 (2)






Lovely and knowledgeable Siobhan!

I always know my hair is going to look ruddy fabulous when I visit Lucie’s. It was such a lovely experience going with friends though! We got to chat and have a giggle. There’s a brilliant cake shop opposite the salon and Steph spoilt us rotten with some sweet treats (I went for the salon recommendation of a peanut butter brownie – I was not disappointed). Definitely a good way to spend a few hours.




IMG_6952 (2)

Flick made this dress – so talented!








Karen made her trousers with her serious seamstress skills!





This jacket from House Of Foxy is my favourite investment!



To say we were happy bunnies is quite an understatement. We’ve already decided to do it again! Karen had to hop home for her evening plans but we’ll be stealing her away next time. With our barnets coiffed, we nipped back to Steph’s to get ready for a night on the tiles.


Our evening kicked off with dinner at Steph’s boyfriend’s restaurant. We had a seriously delicious Turkish feast and a little bit of fizz. A return visit is on the cards.



From the restaurant, we caught a taxi to Steph’s mystery evening location. It turns out she’d booked us a table for cocktails at The Panoramic in Liverpool – it was stunning to  say the least. Flick isn’t the biggest fan of heights but I know she definitely appreciated the rest of the surroundings.





Berry Across The Mersey – the best!


Flick is a stunner and yes, she made this dress too.












Steph seriously pushed the boat out and we ended up having the most wonderful night out. We talked about all kinds of stuff – from the ridiculous to the sublime. I think it’s safe to say that we all know quite a bit more about each other. After an interesting drive home, we were all definitely ready for bed.

In the  morning, we woke up to a killer fry up (you are the best hostess Steph!). We then headed to Lime Street so I could catch my train home.

I wonder what she’s looking at



What a weekend! I always think it’s amazing how a chance meeting can turn into a proper bond between people. Next time, I’ll be hosting – though I doubt I’ll meet Steph’s level of hostessing skills.