Welcome to our blog!


This blog is for anyone and everyone, but it may helpful for:
. Vintage lovers
. Different body shapes, sizes and skin tones
. Those on a budget or with cash to burn
. Those who are time-poor
. Those who want to get the most out of their wardrobes

What to expect:
. Clothing reviews
. Make-up and hair how tos
. Themed shoots
. Shop reviews
. Town/city snapshots
. Personal projects
. Problem-solving

We would love to work with as many different people as possible, so please contact us for collaborations.

Who the heck are you?

11.04.15-Cheri-and-Sarah-9Cacao Papow

By day I’m a teacher and by night…I’m a teacher. When I get a  spare moment, my great escape is the wonderful world of pin-up and vintage.

I live in Wokingham, England with my husband and an over-flowing wardrobe. Unless otherwise stated, my better half is the official photographer for Papow & Flo.

Style-wise, I am all over the place! I flit between eras – from the thirties to the seventies. I love to experiment with different shapes and looks. One day I might be girly and frilly, the next day I could be minimal and tough. Fashion allows me to be a chameleon and I fully embrace that.

I’m a proud advocate of body confidence for all – there should be no limits to what you can wear! Although my shape has changed from a size 20 to a size 14 over the years,  my love of fashion has never wavered. Through the blog, I hope to explore looks for as diverse a range of people as possible.

If I’m not faffing about in my wardrobe or doing school work, I’m either thinking about food, drinking copious amount of green tea, sweating in the gym or geeking out with my husband.

I’m incredibly excited to begin this adventure – come join us!

Florence Flounce

11.04.15-Cheri-and-Sarah-32And now for me…by day I am a pharmacist and during my free time, I share Papow’s passion for all things pin-up and vintage. I live just outside Reading, England…with my Elvis Presley, James Dean and Sean Connery shrine! When I’m not pharmacist-ing I enjoy expanding my ever-growing wardrobe, creating nail art, baking cakes, swimming sewing and playing piano.

Being a true English Rose, my heart lies mainly in the 1950s and I love re-creating styles from this glamorous era with my trademark flouncy skirts! I also like to occasionally venture into the 1920s-1970s and am not against mixing different aspects of fashion from different decades into one look. Why ever not? I am a girly girl and I adore anything with polka dot, floral, stripey or nautical prints. As for hair, for me – the bigger, the BETTER! I love the glamour of yester-year and I live by the rule that life is too short to save beautiful clothes only for special occasions. If in doubt…overdress!

Like Papow, I am also a supporter of body confidence. I truly believe all things vintage and pin-up can make anyone feel beautiful, regardless of background, disability or budget.

This is an exciting journey for Papow and I. We hope to spread our passion with anyone who wishes to join us and hopefully we will make some friends along the way!

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