Welcome to my blog!


This blog is for anyone and everyone.

What to expect:
. Diaries of days out
. Food (lots of it)
. Holiday recaps
. Outfits
. Town/city snapshots
. Personal projects
. Conversational pieces

I love getting to know as many different people as possible, so please contact me for collaborations.

Who the heck are you?

11.04.15-Cheri-and-Sarah-9Cacao Papow (not my real name)

By day I’m a teacher and by night…I’m a teacher. When I get a  spare moment, I escape into a world of vintage fashion, food, nature, exhibitions and books.

I live in England with my better half and an over-flowing wardrobe. As I’m very much a people-person, I spend a lot of time with friends and family – I love meeting new people too.

Style-wise, I am all over the place! I flit between eras – from the thirties to the seventies. I love to experiment with different shapes and looks. One day I might be girly and frilly, the next day I could be minimal and tough. Fashion allows me to be a chameleon and I fully embrace that. Always remember – vintage style not vintage values!

If I’m not faffing about in my wardrobe or doing school work, I’m either thinking about life’s big questions, drinking copious amount of herbal tea, sweating in the gym or geeking out with my better half.

I originally created this blog to document my vintage fashion and share my styling ideas with the world but over the years it’s become much more than that. This blog has become a diary of all the good things I get to experience in life. It’s also now a place where I can share my thoughts about everything from mental health to racism. This blog is my reflective space.

Feel free to share your thoughts and join in the conversation!



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