Technically Edible: Northern Line Food and Book Crawl

I have a tendency to look back on friendships and consider how they all began. I met Katie at pin-up picnic ages ago – we didn’t know much about each other. Last summer  we decided to meet up for the day and since then, we’ve got to know each other much more and we’ve been up to some pretty great things. Being bibliophiles and foodies, we took a little inspiration from @notsobasiclondon and organised a day in London based on books and eating. What could be better?



London Bridge

We kicked off proceedings early in London Bridge. Taking advantage of the lack of crowds, we began with the divine combination of Bread Ahead doughnuts (the best) and black Columbian coffees. Lipstick ruined but totally worth it. From here, we walked over to the Fashion and Textile museum for their new Swinging London exhibition and some vintage fashion appreciation. It’s definitely worth a visit! Our first bookshop cake in the form of The Riverside Bookshop which Katie found out specialised in travel guides. We both picked out our favourite London guides and I picked up yet another children’s book for school.



Our second tube stop took us to Pophams (with a bit of mooching near Camden Passage). Tragedy struck when we found out they’d run out of their bacon and maple danishes. However, all was not lost: we got a rosemary sea salt twist and rhubarb and cardamom pastry. Buttery and delicious but not at all greasy, no wonder it’s such a popular spot. Afterwards, Katie took us to an Oxfam bookshop she’d admired for its window display dedicated to women. Inside, we flicked through some antique books – there was one from the 1840s too.


Kings Cross

We took a freakishly windy walk to Kings Cross where we found Caravan. I’d heard this place was particularly good for brunch so I thought it’d be the right spot to rest our feet and try even more delicious grub. I had jalapeño cornbread with chorizo, fried eggs and chorizo. Katie had poached eggs with kale, ham hock and potatoes. We were both very happy with  the choices we’d made. Full up, we ambled along to one of my most beloved bookshops: Housmans. Here, we looked for alternative reads. If I’m honest, I’d happily have  spent a whole month’s wages while I was there.


Leicester Square

At this point, we had reached a peak on the food front (unbelievable, I know). On the recommendation of one of the Housmans’ staff, we took a brisk walk to The Second Shelf – a book shop solely dedicated to women writers. A great suggestion with lots of very special books to admire – worth another visit for sure.


Over the course of the day we walked over eight miles, explored four different Northern Line stops, ate at some fab independents and found lots of wonderful books. This will not be the last food and book crawl – it was far too successful! Thanks Katie – you were a most fitting partner in crime.


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