London, Mum And Dior

In 2017, mum and I visited the Dior exhibition in Paris (you can read about it here). We loved it so much that we were very excited to hear the V&A would be hosting its own version. Luck would have it that the exhibition’s opening day was on my mum’s birthday weekend so off we went!


My mum always loves to dress up so I went for some serious coordination with my outfit: a green and mustard explosion. I guess I was aiming for something similar to the ‘New Look’ silhouette.

v&a doir_IMG_1194.jpgv&a doir_IMG_1199.jpgv&a doir_IMG_1190.jpgv&a doir_IMG_1200.jpgv&a doir_IMG_1191.jpgv&a doir_IMG_1202.jpg

The Exhibition

I’ll let the exhibition speak for itself but I will say that I love the organisational skills of the V&A. In Paris, it was so busy and cramped that we couldn’t enjoy our time fully; this time round was much more comfortable. We’d both recommend a visit!

v&a doir_IMG_1207.jpgv&a doir_IMG_1211.jpgv&a doir_IMG_1214.jpgv&a doir_IMG_1215.jpgv&a doir_IMG_1217.jpgv&a doir_IMG_1222.jpgv&a doir_IMG_1225.jpgv&a doir_IMG_1228.jpgv&a doir_IMG_1229.jpgv&a doir_IMG_1230.jpgv&a doir_IMG_1232.jpgv&a doir_IMG_1235.jpgv&a doir_IMG_1238.jpgv&a doir_IMG_1240.jpgv&a doir_IMG_1242.jpgv&a doir_IMG_1244.jpgv&a doir_IMG_1250.jpgv&a doir_IMG_1249.jpgv&a doir_IMG_1259.jpgv&a doir_IMG_1254.jpgv&a doir_IMG_1251.jpgv&a doir_IMG_1256.jpgv&a doir_IMG_1263.jpgv&a doir_IMG_1264.jpgv&a doir_IMG_1266.jpgv&a doir_IMG_1268.jpgv&a doir_IMG_1270.jpgv&a doir_IMG_1286.jpgv&a doir_IMG_1287.jpgv&a doir_IMG_1289.jpgv&a doir_IMG_1291.jpgv&a doir_IMG_1292.jpgv&a doir_IMG_1293.jpgv&a doir_IMG_1295.jpgv&a doir_IMG_1298.jpgv&a doir_IMG_1304.jpgv&a doir_IMG_1306.jpg

Birthday Dinner

Temper  is one of my favourite places to eat. Mum had never been so I felt it was only right for her to try it out. Needless to say, she loved it.


I can’t wait to plan our next day out – it’ll be difficult to top this one!

v&a doir_IMG_1205.jpg


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