Reflections on 2018

This has probably been one of the most settled years I’ve had in a good while: there have been no major changes in my life and my mental health has been pretty stable. I’ve spent the year taking stock of the good stuff in my life and getting rid of anything that makes me unhappy. It’s been cathartic and necessary.

Three Happy Moments

  • Sloths – In the summer, I went to Costa Rica with my other half and we went to Toucan Rescue Ranch to see sloths. I’ve never been so close to so many gorgeous little creatures. To watch them move, eat and snooze up close was amazing and an experience I will never forget.


  • My 30th – To put it bluntly, my birthday this year was fab. It was filled with good food, good people and just my favourite things. My face hurt from smiling all day.


  • Kelly’s Wedding – Having not seen our friend Rhina for a year, it was such a joy to be reunited. Together, we were able to see the beautiful marriage of our friends Grant and Kelly. Even though we’d had time away from one another, it was like we’d never parted.


Three Most Popular Blog Posts

Three Great Events

  • Hot Brown Honey/The Cocoa Butter Club – Thank you to my amazing pal Jennifer for coming to these events with me. We have had an education. If you get the opportunity, go and just experience ALL of it.


  • Drag – I couldn’t pick one. From seeing Sasha Velour at Reading Student Union on a Monday to the madness of Dragworld in London, this year has been filled with drag experiences and I have loved every single one.

IMG_20180124_125646_966IMG_20180406_212047_836Drag World 2018_IMG_9873.jpg

  • Dandy Wellington in London – I got to know Dandy Wellington when he visited London last year. This year, he was in London over the summer and I got to  see him perform twice. It’s great to see friends sharing their talents! I really enjoyed hanging out with like-minded folk at Brasserie Zedel, sharing a drink and enjoying life.


Three Places I Visited

  • Bay Area – The Bay Area is easily one of my favourite places in the world. I lived there for a month in 2010 and visited again in 2015. This year, we experienced drag, a ton of food and hiking around the area. I can’t wait to go back again.


  • Liverpool – As my wonderful buddy Steph lives up north, I’ve spent some time in Liverpool this year. I love exploring new places and spending time with people who enjoy doing the same. I’m going again in February and I know it’ll be great.


  • Costa Rica – After falling in love with nature and wildlife from our honeymoon in Ecuador, we booked a trip to Costa Rica this year. It was a life-changing trip, making me more determined than ever to experience nature worldwide. I loved every second and even though I was exhausted by the end, it was so worth it.


Three People I Got To Know

  • Becky – I met Becky a while back but this year we started to spend more time together. I can’t really imagine my life without her now. We talk about all kinds of rubbish and share a mutual love of so many things. Most of the time we’re on my sofa, eating something yummy and watching something terrible.



  • Katie – I’d bumped into Katie a couple of times at the ‘Pin-up Picnics’. We got in contact with one another and decided to meet up. Since then we’ve roamed around Reading and London, sharing a love of fashion, books and deep discussions. If you want to discuss books, she’s your girl!


  • Vicky – I’ve admired Vicky’s style for flippin’ ages. I’ve got to know her more over the year, bonding over our love of cake and Frock and Roll. Apart from being fashion-savvy, she’s a good laugh and super easy to chat too (even when you’re trying not to stare at her marvellous hair).


I could write way more – this is just a small selection. I’m grateful for every experience and all the wonderful people I’ve got to spend time with. It’s been a really positive year.

I’m not setting goals for the next year, I’m going to see what happens!

Frida Afternnon Tea_IMG_8607.jpg


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