Food, Festivities And Fashion With Mum

The Christmas holidays have begun – hooray! I love this time of year because I get to spend lots of time with my family. A couple of months ago, I heard about a thirties fashion exhibition as The Fashion And Textile Museum and I knew it’d be the perfect place to take my mum. We’ve built up a tradition of visiting fashion exhibitions over the years and we love making a day of it!


I bought this dress from a fellow vintage lover on Instagram and I am so happy with it; I love the style and the fit is perfect. I added red tights to bring out the red in the dress.

30's exhibition with Mun_IMG_1017.jpg30's exhibition with Mun_IMG_1012.jpg30's exhibition with Mun_IMG_1020.jpg30's exhibition with Mun_IMG_1013.jpg

Stop 1

First off, we stopped for cake and tea at Chapter 72 to warm up after a very windy walk. Both of us had chocolate Lamingtons – they were so light and delicious.


Stop 2

We got to the museum in time to say hello to the ever-stylish Sadie. In a stroke of luck, we also managed to get on a guided tour around the exhibition. I’d definitely recommend it as it gives greater context to the fashions on display. We spent just over an hour exploring – well worth the visit!

30's exhibition with Mun_IMG_0958.jpg30's exhibition with Mun_IMG_0959.jpg30's exhibition with Mun_IMG_0961.jpg30's exhibition with Mun_IMG_0963.jpg30's exhibition with Mun_IMG_0964.jpg30's exhibition with Mun_IMG_0965.jpg30's exhibition with Mun_IMG_0966.jpg30's exhibition with Mun_IMG_0967.jpg30's exhibition with Mun_IMG_0969.jpg30's exhibition with Mun_IMG_0970.jpg30's exhibition with Mun_IMG_0971.jpg30's exhibition with Mun_IMG_0972.jpg30's exhibition with Mun_IMG_0974.jpg30's exhibition with Mun_IMG_0977.jpg30's exhibition with Mun_IMG_0978.jpg30's exhibition with Mun_IMG_0979.jpg30's exhibition with Mun_IMG_0980.jpg30's exhibition with Mun_IMG_0981.jpg30's exhibition with Mun_IMG_0982.jpg30's exhibition with Mun_IMG_0983.jpg30's exhibition with Mun_IMG_0985.jpg30's exhibition with Mun_IMG_0987.jpg30's exhibition with Mun_IMG_0988.jpg30's exhibition with Mun_IMG_0991.jpg30's exhibition with Mun_IMG_0992.jpg30's exhibition with Mun_IMG_0996.jpg30's exhibition with Mun_IMG_0993.jpg30's exhibition with Mun_IMG_1001.jpg30's exhibition with Mun_IMG_0999.jpg

Stop 3

We hopped on the tube to Oxford Circus so mum could have a mooch around Liberty. Then, we stopped for another cuppa.


Stop 4

We walked to Covent Garden to enjoy the Christmas lights and stroll round the shops. Mum had been insisting on getting some gloves to go with my coat but nothing we saw worked. Thankfully, we were near Blackout II Vintage which had the perfect pair for me.

IMG_20181221_190247_023IMG_20181221_16143230's exhibition with Mun_IMG_1006.jpg30's exhibition with Mun_IMG_1007.jpg30's exhibition with Mun_IMG_1002.jpg

Stop 5

If you’re in Covent Garden, I highly recommend a visit to Flesh and Buns. We’ve been going there for a couple of years and it never fails to be totally delicious. A margarita is a must because it is the best. We got lots of yummy things to share, leaving full and happy.


All I can say is that we had such a good time – we ended up sleeping on the train home. Can’t wait to plan the next one!



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