A Very Merry Sketchmas

Being part of a family full of different religions, I’ve come to view xmas as a time for hanging out with family and friends. Luckily I’m surrounded by those who think similarly. My friend Becky lives quite close to us and we usually spend our time in our flat, eating something yummy and watching whatever takes our fancy while wearing our comfiest clothes. Becky suggested a bit of fun and glam for the holidays so we booked xmas afternoon tea at Sketch. My other half was up for coming along too. We also invited our friend Steph as the four of us are heading to Vegas next year. Steph lives in Liverpool so we can’t meet up as much as we’d like. A lovely bunch of people to spend some time with!

Our dress code was festive fabulousness and we all stepped up to the mark. I felt like a particularly dressy elf.

Xmas Sketch 2018_IMG_0809.jpgXmas Sketch 2018_IMG_0818.jpgXmas Sketch 2018_IMG_0812.jpgXmas Sketch 2018_IMG_0819.jpgXmas Sketch 2018_IMG_0835.jpgXmas Sketch 2018_IMG_0826.jpgXmas Sketch 2018_IMG_0830.jpgXmas Sketch 2018_IMG_0832.jpgXmas Sketch 2018_IMG_0841.jpgXmas Sketch 2018_IMG_0837.jpg

As you might already know, I have been to Sketch on more than one occasion as I flippin’ love it! However, during festivities, it’s on a whole other scale…

Xmas Sketch 2018_IMG_0844.jpgXmas Sketch 2018_IMG_0850.jpgXmas Sketch 2018_IMG_0855.jpgXmas Sketch 2018_IMG_0847.jpgXmas Sketch 2018_IMG_0856.jpgXmas Sketch 2018_IMG_0860.jpgXmas Sketch 2018_IMG_0863.jpgXmas Sketch 2018_IMG_0864.jpgXmas Sketch 2018_IMG_0868.jpgXmas Sketch 2018_IMG_0870.jpgXmas Sketch 2018_IMG_0875.jpgXmas Sketch 2018_IMG_0876.jpgXmas Sketch 2018_IMG_0880.jpgXmas Sketch 2018_IMG_0882.jpgXmas Sketch 2018_IMG_0886.jpgXmas Sketch 2018_IMG_0889.jpgXmas Sketch 2018_IMG_0890.jpgXmas Sketch 2018_IMG_0884.jpgXmas Sketch 2018_IMG_0892.jpgmvimg_20181208_115108Xmas Sketch 2018_IMG_0904.jpgXmas Sketch 2018_IMG_0905.jpgXmas Sketch 2018_IMG_0903.jpgXmas Sketch 2018_IMG_0906.jpgimg_20181208_163430_718.jpg

img_20181208_134539Xmas Sketch 2018_IMG_0901.jpgimg_20181208_130616mvimg_20181208_150604Xmas Sketch 2018_IMG_0895.jpgXmas Sketch 2018_IMG_0897.jpgXmas Sketch 2018_IMG_0899.jpg

Food, as always, did not disappoint. Sketch is already quite a ridiculous place but the addition on carol singers and a ballerina dialled that up to eleven. It was mad and wonderful at the same time.

The people with whom I do these frivolous things are the same people I’d happily chat to on my sofa in my PJs but once in a while it’s nice to get dressed up and do something OTT. These experiences are all the better with good company. I think we might have to make this an annual tradition.

Xmas Sketch 2018_IMG_0894.jpg

Thank you to Nick, Becky and Steph for a most glorious day together!

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