Autumn Outfit Round-Up

Lately, I’ve been reclaiming my wardrobe. For a very long time, I’ve only worn a specific selection of clothing with the rest going into two categories: ‘save it for something special’ or ‘I’m too fat for this’. I’m quite clumsy and have the terrible tendency of dropping food, drink or make-up on anything. My weight also fluctuates slightly which can change how my clothes fit. Trying to spend less on clothes and live with less, I’ve been making an effort to do more with what I own. Instead of saving pieces of best or pre-judging what outfits will look like on me, I’m just getting on with wearing them.  I wish I’d done it sooner.

As I briefly run through these outfits, I thought I’d include how long I’ve owned some of these items.


This dress is two years old. I’ve worn it multiple times and the buttons on the front have fallen off but I kind of prefer it that way. The style is one of my favourites from Collectif because it’s just really easy to chuck on.


My jacket’s got to be nearly ten years old. My mum got it for me when we were mooching round vintage shops in Amsterdam. I bought the skirt over two years ago but it remained completely untouched in my wardrobe. It’s actually black with lots of little orange dots on it.


My skirt is over three years old and was worn only once before this. I worried that it wouldn’t fit me round the waist and so I left it.


These colours are just a riot of autumn. I picked up the skirt at Twinwood in the summer and I know I’ll wear it again and again. My jacket’s from House of Foxy and it’s one of my favourite pieces!


This dress is second-hand from a Facebook group. It’s much cheaper than buying new and it came in perfect condition. I’ve bought several items this way.


I remember when I saw this suit and fell in love with it. I bought it over seven years ago, wore it once and then shoved it in the back of my wardrobe. I thought I’d dig it out to see if it still fit: lo and behold, it did. I’m going to try wearing it more as separates too.


I remember seeing the design on the  skirt and loving it but I didn’t wear it apart from World Book Day. More outings needed.

I think I need to come up with some kind of system to keep my clothes in rotation so I make the most of my wardrobe. I don’t want to buy more and more – I want to enjoy the clothes I have now. Any ideas?

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