A Wild Hen Do To Remember

On the Friday of half term, I was honoured to see my wonderful friend Kelly marry her soulmate Grant. Two days prior, Rhina and I organised a day of fabulousness to celebrate her forthcoming nuptials. I think it’s safe to say it was great!


The dress code was animal print so I went with this tiger print shift dress from Hobbs, adding a vintage coat for warmth.

Kelly's Mini-hen_IMG_0478.jpgKelly's Mini-hen_IMG_0484.jpgKelly's Mini-hen_IMG_0496.jpgKelly's Mini-hen_IMG_0489.jpg

Stop 1: Victoria Miro

Kelly’s an art teacher so we definitely needed to include something arty on the itinerary. Both of us wanted to see the Kusama exhibition in London but tickets had been sold out for ages. Luckily, I saw a ticket release for half term and managed to snag three for us.

img_20181024_123129received_276275113006693img_20181024_121539img_20181024_122016img_20181024_200710_993img_20181024_115227received_344796459601144received_483370818824145received_1803711316399531received_249209319103224received_182788289272128img_20181024_120720img_20181024_120754Kelly's Mini-hen_IMG_0510.jpg

Stop 2: Spitalfields

The three of us initially got to know each other through our love of vintage style so a bit of a mooch around seemed about right. We sorted a mother of the bride dress first and then strolled around the market. Feeling a bit parched, we stopped for a cuppa and tiny cakes thanks to Rhina!


Stop 3: Sketch

Our heaven – no other words needed.

Kelly's Mini-hen_IMG_0542.jpg20181024152556_img_0517Kelly's Mini-hen_IMG_0565.jpg20181024181253_img_0566Kelly's Mini-hen_IMG_0518.jpgKelly's Mini-hen_IMG_0525.jpgKelly's Mini-hen_IMG_0526.jpgKelly's Mini-hen_IMG_0524.jpgKelly's Mini-hen_IMG_0529.jpgKelly's Mini-hen_IMG_0533.jpgKelly's Mini-hen_IMG_0535.jpgKelly's Mini-hen_IMG_0536.jpgKelly's Mini-hen_IMG_0537.jpgKelly's Mini-hen_IMG_0538.jpgKelly's Mini-hen_IMG_0540.jpgKelly's Mini-hen_IMG_0544.jpgKelly's Mini-hen_IMG_0552.jpgKelly's Mini-hen_IMG_0553.jpgKelly's Mini-hen_IMG_0555.jpgKelly's Mini-hen_IMG_0556.jpg

Stop 4: Mr Fogg’s

After cake and tea overload, we ambled to Mr Fogg’s in hope of sampling something a little stronger. My drink certainly put hairs on my chest. It was an intriguing drinking spot and a great end to our spectacular day!

img_20181024_183057img_20181024_183457img_20181024_183651received_187227138834480received_249285195746699received_1953235878088547Kelly's Mini-hen_IMG_0569.jpgKelly's Mini-hen_IMG_0574.jpg

Although I know we would have had a good time at home, a ridiculous day out was very much needed. I love these two more than they know!

Kelly's Mini-hen_IMG_0512.jpg

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