Time For A Change

At the end of September, I took the conscious decision to take a step back from blogging and give myself some time for reflection. I hadn’t been looking after myself as well as I could so I didn’t feel like I was in the best head space to write.

My attitude and approach to my blog have changed since I started blogging in 2015. Initially, my focus was vintage/pin-up fashion and styling. After a while, it became a way of recording positive life events as well as giving me a space to vent about issues which are important to me. Now I’ve had some time away, I’m going to keep some aspects of the blog the same and I’ll be making some changes.


I will keep on recording positive life events. When I had my worst mental health struggles, I would keep a gratitude diary in which I would list three good things that happened each day. While I don’t go into such fine detail in my blog, keeping a log of happy times does me good.

The ‘Papow Ponders’ series will continue. I found it quite cathartic writing about everything from child-bearing to anxiety. More often than not, my opinions and thoughts are shared by others which helps me feel less isolated in my thinking.

From time to time, I’ll post about outfits and styling but this won’t be as frequent as other posts. I’ve had several conversations with friends about spending and consumerism and I feel it’s high time I made some changes. For the past few months, I’ve been making better use of what I already own and focusing more on experiences rather than objects – I’d like my blog to reflect this.


I plan to focus more on activism, putting a spotlight on key accounts, writers, books, artists, etc. which celebrate and support marginalised people. I’m also going to share how I tackle certain issues as a teacher and in my day-to-day life. I’m hoping this will be helpful to others.

Food is one of my greatest passions but after some pretty harsh comments online a while back, I was put off from writing about food. Now I’m feeling more confident,  I’ll be working on a series of posts called ‘Technically Edible’. Basically, it’ll focus on my favourite places to eat (there’s quite a few).


I’m aiming to get back to posting regularly on a weekly basis. Last half term was quite heavy for me and I still feel like spending more time at work than ever. This half term, I’m determined to take better care of myself – that means giving myself more time to write, read, walk and relax. Giving myself proper schedule should force me to block out some time away from school.

Here’s to getting back into the swing of things!

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