24 Hours In Manchester

Last Friday, I headed up to Manchester for a brief visit to celebrate several birthdays. As I was teaching and doing some messy art, I dressed practically. After a long journey, I was met by Flick and Steph. We dropped off my overnight stuff and headed out to El Capo for dinner. Yummy food and excellent margaritas were just what the doctor ordered!


After a very restful slumber, we got ourselves ready for a day out in the city. I forgot to take outfit photos so I took them when I got home. All spruced up, we headed into Manchester. Our first port of call was Primark as Flick was in desperate need of flat shoes. We then walked around and found Trof – a cute and cosy bar/brunch spot. It was a lucky find! We had great service and the food was top notch.


With full tummies, we went mooching around some shops (looked at a lot of fabric). We met up with Karen and Jen in the process, finally heading off for afternoon tea at Richmond Tea Rooms. We all had a good natter and caught up. It was lovely!


Travelling so far is tiring and a lot of effort but it’s so worth it for good friends.


A Lonely Journey Through Hell

Uncomfortable reading ahead:

Last night, I caught the train home from a brilliant weekend in Manchester. Long distance journeys on public transport make me pretty anxious anyway but when I found my train completely crammed with drunk football fans – I was close to panic.

I managed to shuffle my way to my seat but a woman in a head scarf was sitting there with her daughter. Aware of the atmosphere and fearing the worst, I told her to stay in my seat until her stop. The football chants continued in full force – loud and constant. I couldn’t think and I was desperate to get off the train but I had to get home.

When the woman left with her daughter, I grabbed my seat by the window and a quiet guy who was standing with me sat beside me. He was as desperate as I was for the chanting to stop so we chatted about anything and everything to take our minds off of it.

After a while, I said I’d try to drown things out with my music. It didn’t really work – it was more of a distraction at least. A moment later, I noticed a change in tone and one of the men was looking at me and smiling as he was chanting. I took out my earphones to listen more clearly – the guy next to me told me to keep listening to my music and ignore it. The chanting had moved on to the mocking of South Asian accents filled with stereotypes. To say I was upset is an understatement. I was filled with a terrible mix of rage, pain and fear.

During all of this, the same chanter looked at me and smiled. The guy next on me continued to talk, telling me they were ignorant idiots and they that were nothing. I told him I was going to shout at them and tell them to shut up. He told me that I needed to keep myself safe and that it could escalate things. He said if I had to do something then I should just call the police. I did.

Once I’d reported what was happening, I sat, watched and waited with my heart hammering in my chest. They’d gone on to illegal immigrants and the like. I kept switching between weeping and swearing. The man next to me kept talking to me throughout – a great comfort. I messaged my friends and tried to take my mind off of the fact that I was sat in my own hell, unable to leave for over two hours.

The chanting returned to football stuff. A woman shouted at the men to shut up but was met with the chant of ‘she’s going home in an ambulance’. No-one said anything to that.

When she left the train, the police arrived and the carriage became totally silent. No-one said a word. One of the chanters was loudly complaining to the police about the woman who told them to shut up. I couldn’t take it so I called over one of the officers, explaining what the woman said and that I had reported the chants. They asked me to identify anyone I could. The only person I could clearly identify was the one who smiled and stared at me while he chanted. The rest had their heads turned or were obscured by seats or other passengers. They said they’d remove him and asked me to make a statement – I said I would. As they escorted the man off the train, I stared at him and smiled.

What happened afterwards, upset me most. The guy next to me who heard everything wished me luck and got off at his station – he didn’t want to talk to the police. The other passengers on the same carriage who heard everything remained silent as I called my better half and told him what had happened in tears. They looked at me and I looked back – then they averted their eyes. My statement would be the only one. I was painfully aware of that fact.

As I sit reflecting on the events of last night, I feel so frustrated and self-doubting. Did no-one say anything because they didn’t think the chanters were being racist? Did they think I was being sensitive or over-reacting? Thing is I know – everyone should bloody know – that you don’t have to use racist language to be racist. Mocking accents and laughing about illegal immigrants while you’re staring and smiling at a brown woman and the brown man in front of her surely is not OK. Am I wrong?

I wish sometimes that I had the privilege of being ignorant. I wish I could hear this stuff and not register it – it’s drunk banter, it’s nothing. Being drunk doesn’t make you racist or xenophobic though. You were those things already but alcohol loosens your tongue and gives you enough bravado to say that ignorant rubbish in public. I wish I could ignore it all. I wish I could say that my brown skin doesn’t spark some vile thought in someone’s brain. The fact is I know far too much. I know it’s not drunk banter. I know that it’s about brown skin.  I know that it’s racist. Sometimes I hate myself for knowing so much. Knowing so much is incredibly lonely.

Twinwood 2018 In Photos

This year’s bank holiday was spent catching up with friends, trawling through stalls and enjoying some fabulous tunes at Twinwood. Saturday was the busiest day for us – we did so much. The weather was pretty grim on Sunday so we made most of the day and rested up in the evening. On Monday, we had to head home pretty quick so we had a final stroll around and catch up. Twinwood 2018 was seriously chilled and it was bliss – a great end to the summer holidays


Twinwood 2018_IMG_0005.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0012.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0003.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0013.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0007.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0014.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0284.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0282.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0020.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0019.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0291.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0024.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0292.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0027.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0036.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0322.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0310.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0297.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0316.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0031.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0025.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0349.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0335.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0323.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0328.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0330.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0333.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0342.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0351.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0355.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0040.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0354.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0042.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0360.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0049.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0046.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0370.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0053.jpg


Twinwood 2018_IMG_0383.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0393.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0391.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0060.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0371.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0376.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0057.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0397.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0065.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0055.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0407.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0419.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0413.jpg


Twinwood 2018_IMG_0467.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0454.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0494.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0442.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0066.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0503.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0511.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0509.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0513.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0537.jpgTwinwood 2018_IMG_0528.jpg

Such a fabulous weekend spent with good friends – just what we needed!

Twinwood 2018_IMG_0034.jpg

Turning 30

This summer, I turned the big 3-0. I’ve got to a point in life where I much prefer experiences With that in mind, my better half and I organised an awesome weekend in London


Anyone who knows me knows that I adore drag so going to a drag convention seemed like the right thing to do on my thirtieth. My buddy Kelly had been the previous year and really recommended it. I’m not that confident with make-up apart from what I do on a regular basis so I stuck to my usual style of dress and make-up. I wore a vintage dress I picked up from Brighton and earrings I got as a birthday gift from my mum.

Drag World 2018_IMG_9860.jpgDrag World 2018_IMG_9868.jpgDrag World 2018_IMG_9858.jpgDrag World 2018_IMG_9856.jpgDrag World 2018_IMG_9881.jpgDrag World 2018_IMG_9871.jpgDrag World 2018_IMG_9882.jpgDrag World 2018_IMG_9873.jpgDrag World 2018_IMG_9878.jpgDrag World 2018_IMG_9883.jpgDrag World 2018_IMG_9885.jpgDrag World 2018_IMG_9886.jpgDrag World 2018_IMG_9889.jpgDrag World 2018_IMG_9890.jpgDrag World 2018_IMG_9893.jpgDrag World 2018_IMG_9895.jpgDrag World 2018_IMG_9899.jpgDrag World 2018_IMG_9901.jpgDrag World 2018_IMG_9902.jpgDrag World 2018_IMG_9905.jpgDrag World 2018_IMG_9910.jpgDrag World 2018_IMG_9914.jpgDrag World 2018_IMG_9917.jpgDrag World 2018_IMG_9919.jpgDrag World 2018_IMG_9923.jpgDrag World 2018_IMG_9924.jpgDrag World 2018_IMG_9927.jpgDrag World 2018_IMG_9928.jpgDrag World 2018_IMG_9931.jpgDrag World 2018_IMG_9933.jpg

It was such a great day! I got to spend it doing what I love: spending time with friends, watching great performances, fangirling over drag talent and engaging in big discussions. We’ll definitely be returning next year.

The Cheese Bar

Food is another one of my great loves in life. The Cheese Bar was recommended to me by a few friends so we thought we’d give it a bash. Needless to say it was brilliant from start to finish: incredibly delicious food, good atmosphere and fantastic service.

Drag World 2018_IMG_9936.jpgDrag World 2018_IMG_9941.jpgIMG_20180818_185946_128IMG_20180818_205342_271IMG_20180818_205402_896IMG_20180818_205434_471IMG_20180818_205504_759IMG_20180818_205616_336IMG_20180818_205715_529IMG_20180818_205843_460

Club Swizzle

Before I broke up from school, I found out that my friend, Dandy, would be performing at The Roundhouse over the summer. Seeing as we didn’t have plans for the evening portion of my birthday, we booked tickets for Club Swizzle.

Drag World 2018_IMG_9947.jpgDrag World 2018_IMG_9951.jpgDrag World 2018_IMG_9952.jpgDrag World 2018_IMG_9953.jpgDrag World 2018_IMG_9954.jpgDrag World 2018_IMG_9956.jpgDrag World 2018_IMG_9960.jpgDrag World 2018_IMG_9961.jpgDrag World 2018_IMG_9966.jpgDrag World 2018_IMG_9970.jpgDrag World 2018_IMG_9971.jpgDrag World 2018_IMG_9973.jpg

It was a pretty spectactular evening of acrobatics, singing, burlesque, jazz and comedy – we bloody loved it. I hope we get the chance to see the show again.

Outsider Tart

Next morning, we headed over to Turnham Green for a yummy brunch at Outsider Tart. This place NEVER disappoints.


It was an amazing weekend and I need to thank my better half for being the best company over the weekend and for helping to organise everything.What a great way to turn 30!

Drag World 2018_IMG_9874.jpg