Ladies In Liverpool

Apologies for the lack of posting over the past two weeks – the end of term has been really full on but thankfully the summer holidays have started and I am FREE (for a few weeks at least). Next week, I’ll be heading off to Costa Rica so hopefully I’ll be able to post from there.

Amidst reports, data and getting ready for the next academic year, I’d made plans to go see my friend Steph who lives far up north. Last Friday after school, I grabbed my backpack and hopped on the train for a seriously long journey. As always, I was greeted with a warm smile, some form of gin cocktail and a home-cooked meal. You can see why we’re friends.

The next morning, we set off for Stockport to get our hair done at I Love Lucie hair salon. I was definitely in need of a good chop!

Liverpool Afternoon Tea 2008-07_IMG_8518.jpgimg_20180714_095833_327

I do envy Steph’s hair colour palette – it makes any hairstyle look even more fabulous. I went for something a little different that could withstand the breeze.

Liverpool Afternoon Tea 2008-07_IMG_8519.jpgLiverpool Afternoon Tea 2008-07_IMG_8520.jpgLiverpool Afternoon Tea 2008-07_IMG_8523.jpg

After a bit of sprucing, we caught the train to Liverpool for afternoon tea at The Panoramic. Steph had brought me here before for cocktails in the evening but it was great to come during the day so I could see even more of Liverpool

Liverpool Afternoon Tea 2008-07_IMG_8524.jpgLiverpool Afternoon Tea 2008-07_IMG_8525.jpgLiverpool Afternoon Tea 2008-07_IMG_8528.jpgLiverpool Afternoon Tea 2008-07_IMG_8529.jpgLiverpool Afternoon Tea 2008-07_IMG_8532.jpg

We obviously had to have cocktails and they were so ruddy tasty. The afternoon tea itself was an absolute feast for the eyes. The savouries were really varied and delicious. Scones were warm and a great texture. To say we were very happy is an understatement. Finally, we got to the dainty cakes which tasted as good as they looked. At one point, I nipped to the loo and returned to find Steph with a tie. One of the waiters gifted it to her after she complimented it but she felt it was a tad overgenerous so she returned it as we stepped out.

Liverpool Afternoon Tea 2008-07_IMG_8536.jpgLiverpool Afternoon Tea 2008-07_IMG_8537.jpgLiverpool Afternoon Tea 2008-07_IMG_8538.jpgLiverpool Afternoon Tea 2008-07_IMG_8539.jpgLiverpool Afternoon Tea 2008-07_IMG_8540.jpgLiverpool Afternoon Tea 2008-07_IMG_8542.jpgLiverpool Afternoon Tea 2008-07_IMG_8543.jpgLiverpool Afternoon Tea 2008-07_IMG_8544.jpgLiverpool Afternoon Tea 2008-07_IMG_8546.jpgLiverpool Afternoon Tea 2008-07_IMG_8547.jpgLiverpool Afternoon Tea 2008-07_IMG_8549.jpgLiverpool Afternoon Tea 2008-07_IMG_8550.jpg

Post-tea, we took a stroll over to the docks to check out the Finely Tuned vintage event. There were some pretty amazing buildings en route and there was a warm and friendly atmosphere as we walked around. We also got to spend some time catching up with the Ford sisters at their stall – always a good giggle.

Liverpool Afternoon Tea 2008-07_IMG_8552.jpgLiverpool Afternoon Tea 2008-07_IMG_8556.jpgLiverpool Afternoon Tea 2008-07_IMG_8553.jpgLiverpool Afternoon Tea 2008-07_IMG_8557.jpgLiverpool Afternoon Tea 2008-07_IMG_8558.jpgtwins

Later in the evening, we popped back to Steph’s to change outfits and freshen up. Since we’ve met, I’ve known her to take these beautiful walks around the marine lake near where she lives. As I was staying over, she wanted to take me round before we headed off for dinner. Of course we dressed appropriately in nautical style. When we go to The Tapas Kitchen, we were both ready for more yummy treats.

Liverpool Afternoon Tea 2008-07_IMG_8561.jpgLiverpool Afternoon Tea 2008-07_IMG_8562.jpgLiverpool Afternoon Tea 2008-07_IMG_8568.jpgLiverpool Afternoon Tea 2008-07_IMG_8563.jpgLiverpool Afternoon Tea 2008-07_IMG_8570.jpgLiverpool Afternoon Tea 2008-07_IMG_8565.jpgLiverpool Afternoon Tea 2008-07_IMG_8566.jpgimg_20180714_205520img_20180714_210656Liverpool Afternoon Tea 2008-07_IMG_8572.jpgimg_20180714_213628Liverpool Afternoon Tea 2008-07_IMG_8573.jpgimg_20180714_213807

The next morning, we had breakfast at Steph’s parents’ cafe (so needed) before I got the train home. I also got one of her mum’s ridiculously perfect scones to keep me going on my journey. A great end to the weekend.


Another fabulous weekend up north and I’m sure there’ll be many more to come. Thanks so much for looking after me, Steph!

Liverpool Afternoon Tea 2008-07_IMG_8522.jpg

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