Afternoon Tea Beside The Sea

For my birthday last year, my Year 5 team got me an afternoon tea for two in Brighton. I decided to take my better half with me and we picked an absolutely gorgeous day for it last weekend.


I picked up this dress at Retrofest last year. I had to wear it by the sea as it has subtle seaweed and starfish patterns. I also added to the sea-theme by adding a prawn brooch and vintage mussel earrings. I know I’m a bit ridiculous.

MetroDeco Afternoon Tea_IMG_8340.jpgMetroDeco Afternoon Tea_IMG_8348.jpgMetroDeco Afternoon Tea_IMG_8341.jpgMetroDeco Afternoon Tea_IMG_8358.jpgMetroDeco Afternoon Tea_IMG_8337.jpg

Exploring Brighton

After our drive, we started off with coffee. We then took a long stroll through the Lanes before heading to our afternoon tea spot.

img_20180623_111737img_20180623_110852MetroDeco Afternoon Tea_IMG_8363.jpgMetroDeco Afternoon Tea_IMG_8365.jpgMetroDeco Afternoon Tea_IMG_8369.jpgimg_20180623_195402_446img_20180623_195611_222img_20180623_195909_831

Metro Deco

We arrived at Metro Deco on time and both of us were gasping for a cuppa. The waiting staff were really friendly and helpful; they gave use lots of tea suggestions. I went for an incredibly fruity tea and Nick went for lemon and ginger. I was particularly pleased when I found out I could have as many different teas as I wanted – I am a tea fiend. The spread was delicious and both of us left full and happy.

MetroDeco Afternoon Tea_IMG_8371.jpgMetroDeco Afternoon Tea_IMG_8373.jpgMetroDeco Afternoon Tea_IMG_8374.jpgMetroDeco Afternoon Tea_IMG_8380.jpgMetroDeco Afternoon Tea_IMG_8381.jpgMetroDeco Afternoon Tea_IMG_8382.jpgMetroDeco Afternoon Tea_IMG_8384.jpgMetroDeco Afternoon Tea_IMG_8385.jpgMetroDeco Afternoon Tea_IMG_8387.jpgMetroDeco Afternoon Tea_IMG_8388.jpgMetroDeco Afternoon Tea_IMG_8389.jpgMetroDeco Afternoon Tea_IMG_8394.jpgMetroDeco Afternoon Tea_IMG_8395.jpgMetroDeco Afternoon Tea_IMG_8396.jpgMetroDeco Afternoon Tea_IMG_8397.jpgMetroDeco Afternoon Tea_IMG_8398.jpgMetroDeco Afternoon Tea_IMG_8401.jpgMetroDeco Afternoon Tea_IMG_8402.jpgMetroDeco Afternoon Tea_IMG_8403.jpg

The Seaside

With full tummies, we decided a long walk by the sea would be a good idea. It was also a good opportunity to faff about in my dress.

img_20180623_152459_802MetroDeco Afternoon Tea_IMG_9384-2.jpgMetroDeco Afternoon Tea_IMG_9381.jpgMetroDeco Afternoon Tea_IMG_9384.jpgMetroDeco Afternoon Tea_IMG_9397.jpgMetroDeco Afternoon Tea_IMG_9405.jpgMetroDeco Afternoon Tea_IMG_9411.jpgMetroDeco Afternoon Tea_IMG_9424.jpgMetroDeco Afternoon Tea_IMG_9413.jpgMetroDeco Afternoon Tea_IMG_9433.jpgMetroDeco Afternoon Tea_IMG_9435.jpgMetroDeco Afternoon Tea_IMG_9448.jpg

It was just what we needed – a day to ourselves doing what we do best: eat, explore and laugh. I’m already looking forward to more of these days in the summer.

MetroDeco Afternoon Tea_IMG_9429.jpg

2 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea Beside The Sea

  1. Sounds like such a lovely day! 🙂 And also, oh my gosh, your hair is perfect and I love everything you’re wearing! Fabulous! I was also wondering where you got your glasses, because they’re amazing and I’ve been looking for a pair like them everywhere. 🙂


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