London Eats With Northern Ladies

I met Flick last year when I needed a dress to be made for the Miss Vintage final at Twinwood. While I was over, she introduced me to her friend Steph and the rest is history. As Flick and Steph live quite far from me, we try to make the most of it when we see each other. For their trip to mine, I organised a foodie day – because we all love our grub!


As we are somewhat ridiculous, we decided to dress in the style of some of the cakes we were going to have at afternoon tea. Flick made her own jacket (which she hand-embroidered) and trousers – she is disgustingly talented. Steph was a human rainbow: nails, hair, dress and petticoat. I went for a pink Dolores Umbridge-inspired look, wearing a vintage dress and a Pin Up Curl hair bow Flick lent me.

Fashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8220.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8225.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8230.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8238.jpg


I’d been to Dishoom once before and I totally fell in love with their brunch menu (I’ll be working my way to lunch and dinner too). As we were having a full-on afternoon tea later on, a big fry up was not on the cards. We all chose some form of delicious eggs and washed it down with chai. Epic start to the day!

Fashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8248.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8242.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8240.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8245.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8247.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8249.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8252.jpg

The Berkley

After brunch, Flick and I went for a mooch in Portobello while Steph went to visit her shoe church. We all met up in Knightsbridge and strolled over to The Berkeley for our ‘fashion’ afternoon tea. Steph had been before and highly recommended it so we obviously had to go. Basically, it was bloody brilliant. Great service, unlimited quality tea, cakes and sarnies and beautiful surroundings. Steph – you did good!

Fashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8253.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8257.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8258.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8260.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8261.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8262.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8267.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8270.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8263.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8273.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8272.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8275.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8278.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8279.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8281.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8282.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8283.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8284.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8285.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8286.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8288.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8289.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8290.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8292.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8296.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8299.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8300.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8302.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8303.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8308.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8311.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8314.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8316.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8317.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8319.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8312.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8320.jpgFashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8321.jpg


Post-tea, we wandered over to Covent Garden and then headed to Waterloo to get the train home. It’s safe to say we were done in.


I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: it’s amazing how you can connect with strangers online. Thankfully, it’s not long before I see these two again.

Fashion Afternoon Tea_IMG_8237.jpg

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