Half Term Shenanigans In London

Normally during half term, I am up to my ears in report-writing so I tend to make sure it’s a quiet week. However after several weeks involving some very late nights, my year group partner and I managed to get the job done early. Feeling a lot less stressed, I thought I should do something with my time so I planned a few things in London.

Soho with Sarah

Sarah and I work closely together and, as both of us were killing time before meeting other people, we decided to hang out in the city. She makes the best cakes and enjoys new things so I felt I should take her to some spots I knew she’d like.


We walked miles, browsing everything from macarons to antique tiaras. For lunch, we popped into L’Eto – a cafe that does the best tea ever. A little later on, we headed to Sketch because even if it’s just a cuppa you have there, it’s still an experience. A great start to the day.

Camden with Jennifer

Jennifer and I had this evening planned for a couple of months. As we’re both quite busy, we try to make sure that we have a brilliant time when we do see each other. We met up in Covent Garden, had a few killer margaritas and then moved on to Camden.


Apart from always enjoying each other’s company, The Cocoa Butter Club was the main reason for our meet-up. I’d heard about it on Instagram and thought it’d be worth a visit. It takes place on the last Thursday of each month and showcases performers of colour. After munching some quesadillas, we got to Her Upstairs in time to find a seat and sink some prosecco. We were lucky enough to experience four fantastic performers – it was great! The atmosphere was incredibly warm and friendly; there was a lot of love in the room. If you do get the chance to go, I highly recommend it!

Oxford Circus with Kelly

Feeling somewhat hungover, I started the day with solo brunch at the beautiful and yummy Cafe Miami. After that, I went to meet with Kelly to explore an exhibition at The Photographer’s Gallery.


At the gallery, we took in the Under Cover and Grayson Perry exhibition, as well as interacting with the #floofyourself installation by Soofiya. Finally, we grabbed some killer ice cream at our new favourite Chin Chin Ice Cream before heading home.

All I can really say is that it was an awesome little getaway with some fabulous people in an ever surprising city.


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