Drag Nights #2: Nightgowns

In January, I went to my first ever drag show, you can read about it here. I loved it to say the least. On holiday in the Bay area, I caught another show at a club in Castro (though I didn’t document it that well sadly). When my friend Kelly suggested we go to the UK premiere performance of Sasha Velour’s Nightgowns, I just couldn’t say no. She a fellow lover of drag and it would be too good an opportunity to pass up.

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7574.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7561.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7568.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7566.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7564.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7581.jpg


It was a scorcher of a day so I slung on this dress from Collectif and trotted off to meet Kelly. We started off with bibimbap in Soho – maybe not the best idea for a hot day but so good! We then cooled off with a fabulous (if not slightly messy) ice cream from Chin Chin.


London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7582.jpg

After a little wait in the sun, we found our seats at The Grand in Clapham. It was a beautiful space indeed and we were so excited!

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7583.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7585.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7586.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7587.jpg
Olive D’Nightlife

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7589.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7596.jpg
Sasha Velour

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7598.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7601.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7603.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7606.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7618.jpg
Vander Von Odd

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7616.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7621.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7626.jpg
Anna Phylactic

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7627.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7631.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7632.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7636.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7637.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7639.jpg
Virgin Xtravaganzah

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7640.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7646.jpg
Victoria Sin

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7650.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7655.jpg
Joe Black

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7652.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7658.jpg
Neon Calypso

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7660.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7662.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7663.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7665.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7668.jpg
Untitled Queen

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7669.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7672.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7673.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7674.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7676.jpg

London 05-18 Kelly_IMG_7675.jpg

We came away from the show just full of joy. I’d seen so many queens I’d never seen before and I’m so glad I did. Throughout the performances, we laughed, cried, boogied, sang and held hands. A truly wonderful drag experience.

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