Art Installations And Afternoon Tea With Cats

Yay! The weather’s warmed up and it’s actually sunny – on a bank holiday too. A few months ago, we’d started to plan what we’d get up to this weekend and finally it was here. Both of us have had full-on weeks at work so some downtime was needed.

As I knew we were heading to a cat cafe, I wore my only cat-print piece of clothing with a top from Lady K Loves.

Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7450.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7449.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7452.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7458.jpg

Our first stop was Housmans bookshop in King’s Cross. I follow an artist called Soofiya on Instagram. I first heard about them at Burnt Roti’s ‘Beauty Of Being British Asian’ exhibition – you can read more about it here. They’d created a zine called ‘Auntie Fatima’ and I was desperate to pick it up. I fell in love with Housmans – I could have blown my entire bank account in there. If you get the chance to visit please do – their children’s section is awesome too.




Next on our list was ‘Sense Of Space’ at Broadgate. It’s an art installation designed to activate your senses and challenge your sensory perceptions through art. On such a beautiful day, it was tempting just to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine. Each room definitely made you feel something different. Our favourite room was The Infinite Garden – not only was it visually beautiful but you felt like you could lose yourself in there. The installation is free to view until May 18th so you can see what it’s like for yourself.

Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7463.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7465.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7466.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7469.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7476.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7489.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7490.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7477.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7494.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7495.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7497.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7499.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7505.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7507.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7512.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7516.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7517.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7518.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7519.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7526.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7527.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7524.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7521.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7522.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7536.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7535.jpg

After a stroll through the graffiti-covered side streets of Shoreditch, we were ready for afternoon tea at Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium. My other half’s mum arranged it as our Christmas gift this year – such a lovely idea. Nick adores cats so this was perfect for him. Afternoon tea surrounded by roaming cats sounds a little odd but you get used to it quite quickly. Savouries included mini-baguettes filled with tuna or egg mayo, cheese scones and jalapeno cornbread. Then, we moved on to scones with raspberry or strawberry jam. Finally, we got on to the cakes – a mixture of quite yummy patisserie. After we munched, we spent some time petting kitties, feeling very content.

Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7537.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7539.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7542.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7543.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7544.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7545.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7546.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7547.jpgLady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7549.jpgIMG_20180505_140152.jpgIMG_20180505_134339.jpgIMG_20180505_140500.jpgIMG_20180505_140418.jpg

It was a simply wonderful day – good company, perfect weather and memorable experiences. What more could you want?

Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium_IMG_7485.jpg

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