Out And About In April

Since I’ve been back from my holiday, I’ve had quite a few mini-adventures out and about in London. I thought I’d share a few in this blog post. Be aware – there will be lots of yummy things!

Mooching in Spitalfields with Kelly

I met up with Kelly, mainly to give her some things I picked up in the US, but we ended up having such a fab day. We started off some vegan desserts at Cookies & Scream, followed by a video call shopping spree with Rhina – surreal and so much fun! We then wandered over to Liverpool Street to mooch around Brick Lane and Spitalfields. I tried on some bits in Collectif and then we went to pick up bagels to take home. We were starving after all this and ended up munching some messy but tasty naan wraps. Dessert came in the form of milkshakes at The Diner. We left very happy indeed.




Ice Cream and Burgers with Becky

We had a strange week-long heatwave this month so Becky and I got our summer dresses out for a foodie day. We explored Camden and hit our first stop – Chin Chin Ice Cream. It was nothing less than dessert perfection in every way. Perfect portion size and not sickly, it was a great combination of burnt butter caramel ice cream, toffee sauce and sticky toffee sponge – yum yum. We then hopped on the tube to Victoria… I might have lost Becky for a little bit. We found each other again at Victoria and went to try out Bleecker Burger. Though it was a perfectly acceptable meal, it wasn’t anything to write home about sadly. Feeling a bit rough from the heat, we headed home to slouch on our respective sofas.


Exploring South West London with Nick and Sam

Yesterday, Nick and I headed to Brixton to meet up with my old uni friend Sam. Feeling a little worse for wear after a previous late night, coffee was sorely needed. Federation do a mean filter and a shared portion of spiced avocado toast made me feel so much better. After meeting Sam, we strolled round Brixton before sitting down for lunch at The Joint. The Joint had been recommended to me by Notsobasiclondon and boy, it did not disappoint. We had pulled pork burgers, onion rings, sweet potato fries and mac and cheese bites. It was seriously good. Sam then took us to Streatham for coffee and dessert at Blackbird Bakery. I had home-made plum tart and ice cream and was a very happy bunny. Finally, we headed to Tooting Broadway to explore the markets – unfortunately we were far too full to try anything else! We ended up having a few drinks before travelling home. I’d definitely be happy to repeat this day out.


If you’ve got any recommendations for exploring different areas of the UK or London, please let me know – I’m always looking for new things to do!


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