Spotlight On The Diverse World Of Pin-Up and Vintage #2

At the start of the year, I said that I wanted to shed more light on diversity in the vintage subculture. You can read the first post in this series here.

Here are ten more wonderful examples of diversity – I’ve linked their IG accounts and added a short description.

Miss Mozzy Dee

@kittyluvphotography Photo Credit: @kittyluvphotography

As well as being a stunning pin-up and talented singer, Mozzy is campaigner for diversity and representation in the world of pin-up and vintage. Most recently, she has focused on the Miss Viva Las Vegas competition. She took time to bring pin-ups from diverse backgrounds to public attention, using social media as a platform.

Boo Brown

boo Photo Credit: @boo_brown

Incredibly intelligent and hilarious, Boo Brown is firm believer in looking and feeling amazing no matter your size. As well as sharing her fabulous outfits on IG, she blogs about travel, clothing reviews and her pin-up activities. Check her out (and also send her pictures of cute dogs).


barrioPhoto Credit: @barriodandy

J.C. is one well-dressed chap, posting about fashion, history, art and styling. He believes that representation matters and celebrates his own culture and history, sharing images from past and present.

Jenny Rieu

portrait_madame.jpgPhoto Credit: @portrait_madame

Jenny Rieu is a beautiful creature. Not only is she a lover of vintage style, she’s a model fighting against body shaming. Jenny is happy to share her successes and struggles, always with the message that beauty comes in all forms.

Jessica Out Of The Closet

jessPhoto Credit: @jessicaoutofthecloset

Jessica is a TV presenter, blogger and YouTuber. She is a huge fan of pin-up style and she suits it well. She openly talks about her disability and sexuality, pushing for greater acceptance and understanding.


rockinzenaPhoto Credit: @rockinzena

Zena is a seamstress and vintage enthusiast living in America. Her handmade outfits are seriously impressive. She cares about the representation of people of colour, posting stories and images from history as well as her own adventures.

Ms Kitti Fatale

KittiPhoto Credit: @mskittifatale

Cristi is an awesome mum. With the help of her young daughter, she helps to educate the world about black history. It is wonderful to see mum and daughter take pride in their heritage.

The Cocoa Butter Club

CocoaPhoto Credit: @thecocoabutterclub

Brought to my attention by the gorgeous Velvet Jones, The Cocoa Butter Club is a celebration of queer POC performers. It is a place that gives a voice to The Other in a creative space.

Creme Fatale

CremePhoto Credit: @markchristopher17

Creme Fatale in a drag queen from San Francisco. Though she doesn’t necessarily describe herself as pin-up or vintage, I get a lot of inspiration from her styling. Furthermore, she is open with her views on gender, drag and art.


AshleetaPhoto Credit: @ashleeta

Ashleeta is a burlesque dancer and pin-up model who is not afraid to speak her mind. She fights against racism, body-shaming, homophobia and so much more. A true blend of beauty and strength.

For my next post in this series, I’ll be looking at diversity in pin-up and vintage businesses. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

One thought on “Spotlight On The Diverse World Of Pin-Up and Vintage #2

  1. I love this post! I was following a couple of these accounts, but now I’m following all. Thanks! I’m a vintage business ( if you wanna talk with me for the next post in the series! 🙂


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