Galentine’s Tea At Fortnum And Mason

February 13th – officially Galentine’s day. Now I’ve never been one to celebrate these types of things, however as a bunch of friends had organised a meet-up on said date, it seemed rude not to!

Seeing as our group opted for a Valentine’s colour theme (yes, we are that kind of group), I went for a red and white combo. The dress is from St Cyr Vintage in Camden. I added a cropped cardigan and a Jenny from Vivien of Holloway. As the weather was foul, I popped on my Elements rain coat – beret added for extra hair protection.

Valentines in London_IMG_6592.jpgValentines in London_IMG_6604.jpgValentines in London_IMG_6597.jpgValentines in London_IMG_6602.jpgValentines in London_IMG_6598.jpgValentines in London_IMG_6603.jpgValentines in London_IMG_6594.jpg

To kick things off, I met up with Kelly, Becky, Lara (birthday girl) and Eve at Notting Hill Gate station. From here, we gawped at brooches at The Hirst Collection, grabbed a French cuppa and caught up with Eva at What Katie Did.

In need of calm and recharging, we got to Fortnum and Mason in time for our booking. We kicked off with some fizz, which slipped down nicely. There was a wide array of teas to choose from but I managed to settle on rhubarb, raspberry and nettle – a refreshing blend. I was pleased to hear that the entire tea service was able to be replenished – a few extra cakes and sandwiches is never a bad idea.

Valentines in London_IMG_6619.jpgValentines in London_IMG_6628.jpgValentines in London_IMG_6629.jpgValentines in London_IMG_6634.jpgValentines in London_IMG_6633.jpgValentines in London_IMG_6637.jpgValentines in London_IMG_6639.jpgValentines in London_IMG_6640.jpgValentines in London_IMG_6642.jpgValentines in London_IMG_6643.jpgValentines in London_IMG_6645.jpgValentines in London_IMG_6649.jpgValentines in London_IMG_6652.jpgValentines in London_IMG_6660.jpgValentines in London_IMG_6658.jpg

The sarnies were filled with classic fillings: smoked salmon, cucumber and coronation chicken for example. All were rather scrummy. For me, the highlight of the tea was the scones. These were the BEST scones I’ve ever had – buttery, crisp on the outside and perfectly baked in the middle. Decent helpings of cream and jam were piled on top and upon eating, I was in scone heaven. I would go back just for these.

Valentines in London_IMG_6657.jpgValentines in London_IMG_6663.jpgValentines in London_IMG_6667.jpgValentines in London_IMG_6664.jpg

On to the cakes, which were Valentine’s-themed. There was a rose choux, a rhubarb and custard biscuit affair, a chocolate-coffee-hazelnut fondant fancy, a raspberry and lychee swirl and chocolate and cherry heart macaron. I was quite enamoured by the the macaron and the rhubarb and custard patisserie. There was a cake trolley too but we were all far too stuffed to even consider trying any!

Valentines in London_IMG_6656.jpgValentines in London_IMG_6668.jpgValentines in London_IMG_6671.jpgValentines in London_IMG_6672.jpgValentines in London_IMG_6678.jpg

Waddling like over-stuffed penguins, we took the tube to Holloway Road to peruse what Vivien of Holloway had on offer. All of us enjoyed a decent trying on session.

Valentines in London_IMG_6685.jpgValentines in London_IMG_6687.jpgValentines in London_IMG_6681.jpgValentines in London_IMG_6686.jpg

Our next stop was Covent Garden for some evening mooching. Kelly and I were pretty pooped from our day out so we headed off home.

On the train home, I reflected on the day. There was so much love and joy shared between the five of us. Having struggled a lot with friendships and acceptance in my teens, I thought I’d never find people I could truly connect with. I was wrong. Online, I’ve found a small handful of people that have had such a positive impact on my life. On days like this when we actually get to hang out, I just feel content and warm. I do not have many friends but the friends that I do have mean an awful lot to me.

Valentines in London_IMG_6625.jpg

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