Repro And Vintage Mix With Susan Phelps Photography


Last year, a new vintage shop opened up Reading – Georgina’s Vintage. Curious, I went on a visit with a friend and found a gorgeous skirt. Before Christmas, I headed back again to pick up this fabulous shirt and skirt combo. I fell in love with the colour and pattern. Both pieces are vintage and decently priced too.


‘Jenny’ cardigans from Vivien of Holloway have become a staple in my wardrobe. The rosewood colour compliments my vintage pieces perfectly. I’ve always enjoyed mixing vintage and reproduction clothing – with the right mix, you have a whole range of outfits at your disposal!


I love how many different colours there are in the skirt too. I’ve gone for burgundy and mustard here but I’d also love to try it with orange and teal too.


I added a simple vintage brooch and comfy Doc Martens to complete the look. Though in this weather, boots might be a better option.


Thanks again to Susan Phelps for capturing the richness of these colours – beautiful!


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