Marvellous Marianne With Susan Phelps Photography


I’ll admit – I’ve had my ups and downs with Lindy Bop (inconsistent sizing mostly). However when I saw the Marianne twin sets pop up in their sale, I knew I had to have one.

I bought my first Marianne back in November for a girl date with my pal Steph. Mustard has fast become one of my favourite colours so I had to order it. When I got it, I was pleasantly surprised by the feel and quality of the fabric – I loved that the buttons were covered in the same material too.

London 11-17 Steph Pink_IMG_5915.jpg

I was very happy with the fit: true to the size chart and just the right length – definitely a good buy!

London 11-17 Steph Pink_IMG_5918.jpg

Now that I knew this style worked for me, I decided to chance it and grab another sale bargain. This time in teal.


The great thing about a twin set is that you don’t really need to worry about cardigans or jackets to go with your dress because you already have one! I simply added a little prawn brooch from The Hirst Collection for contrast – a cute detail.


Thanks to the talented Susan Phelps for my lovely teal dress photos – really perked me up after my post-Xmas blues!


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