Beating The January Blues With A Boogie And A Giggle!

After the joys of Christmas and New Year, January can feel pretty bleak. Term started over a week ago for me; I’m already feeling both stressed and tired. To fight my low mood, I’ve planned something nice to do each week. Hopefully, this will keep the doom and gloom at bay and help me to focus on positive moments.

During the holidays, a couple of friends organised a meet-up in London – just to hang out and catch up. Kelly and I booked tickets to a dance class linked to the Louise Dahl-Wolfe exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum in Bermondsey. It was great value – an hour’s dance class and access to the exhibition for fifteen quid.

A chilly day out called for an outfit of many layers: thermal vest (I get very cold), shirt, dungaree skirt, cardigan and thick jacket. I was colourful and toasty – perfect.

London 01-18 Kelly_IMG_6239.jpgLondon 01-18 Kelly_IMG_6255.jpgLondon 01-18 Kelly_IMG_6248.jpgLondon 01-18 Kelly_IMG_6251.jpgLondon 01-18 Kelly_IMG_6347.jpgLondon 01-18 Kelly_IMG_6245.jpgLondon 01-18 Kelly_IMG_6337.jpgLondon 01-18 Kelly_IMG_6258.jpgLondon 01-18 Kelly_IMG_6247.jpgLondon 01-18 Kelly_IMG_6338.jpgLondon 01-18 Kelly_IMG_6241.jpgLondon 01-18 Kelly_IMG_6259.jpg

We turned up (fresh from the cold) for the class based on posing in Wolfe’s photography. As we picked the earlier class, the class was quite small but I definitely think that worked in our favour. Let’s just say we worked up a good sweat and had a proper boogie – highly recommended!

received_10159903407980442.jpgLondon 01-18 Kelly_IMG_6260.jpgLondon 01-18 Kelly_IMG_6261.jpg

After a cool down outside, we headed back to explore the exhibition. There were many striking images throughout with photographs from the Great Depression to Old Hollywood. Upstairs there was also a small section dedicated to Dior – a lovely reminder of my time in Paris with my mum. If you’re in the area, do visit!

London 01-18 Kelly_IMG_6262.jpgLondon 01-18 Kelly_IMG_6263.jpgIMG_20180106_122021.jpgIMG_20180106_121331.jpgIMG_20180106_122314.jpgreceived_10159903421195442.jpgLondon 01-18 Kelly_IMG_6265.jpgLondon 01-18 Kelly_IMG_6267.jpgLondon 01-18 Kelly_IMG_6268.jpgLondon 01-18 Kelly_IMG_6270.jpgLondon 01-18 Kelly_IMG_6271.jpgLondon 01-18 Kelly_IMG_6272.jpgLondon 01-18 Kelly_IMG_6273.jpg

From there, we hopped on the tube to Angel. We’d worked up quite an appetite so I took Kelly to Kipferl (a lovely little Austrian restaurant). Kaesekrainer and sauerkraut consumed, we met up with Leanda, Becky, Carrie, Linz and Holly. Strolling through Camden Passage, we chatted and perused the goods on offer. We even got to bump into some cute pooches!

London 01-18 Kelly_IMG_6275.jpgIMG_20180106_135312.jpgLondon 01-18 Kelly_IMG_6278.jpgLondon 01-18 Kelly_IMG_6282.jpgLondon 01-18 Kelly_IMG_6285.jpgLondon 01-18 Kelly_IMG_6288.jpgLondon 01-18 Kelly_IMG_6294.jpgLondon 01-18 Kelly_IMG_6303.jpgLondon 01-18 Kelly_IMG_6306.jpgLondon 01-18 Kelly_IMG_6307.jpgLondon 01-18 Kelly_IMG_6314.jpgLondon 01-18 Kelly_IMG_6318.jpgLondon 01-18 Kelly_IMG_6321.jpg

Next, we moved on to Brick Lane to rest our feet and consume doughnuts. This was my first time trying Crosstown Doughnuts and I was not disappointed. I had a creme brulee doughnut – it was just what I needed. After bidding farewell to the rest of the womenfolk, Kelly and I picked up some beigels before heading home. My feet were sore and my heart was happy.

London 01-18 Kelly_IMG_6328.jpgIMG_20180106_162755.jpgLondon 01-18 Kelly_IMG_6329.jpgLondon 01-18 Kelly_IMG_6332.jpgLondon 01-18 Kelly_IMG_6333.jpgLondon 01-18 Kelly_IMG_6302.jpg

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