Reflections on 2017

If you took the time to read any of my blog posts over the year – THANK YOU! Papow & Flo was originally a personal project but it’s given me a platform to connect with the world and to interact with others. I have met people from far and wide and I have had so many meaningful experiences. Blogging has helped my anxiety and my confidence too. Even though this is a very small blog, I’m grateful for any support or feedback – especially if it’s had a positive impact on someone.

Now this year has been pretty full on. I had hopes about kindness, diversity and mental health for 2017 but I don’t really think they were fulfilled. I did keep my promises about buying less and being kinder to myself but I still need to do more to put spotlight on pin-ups and vintage lovers from different backgrounds.

Now, time to reflect on 2017!

Three Happy Moments:

  • Stuttgart with Kelly and Rhina – The most chilled, food-filled holiday I’ve ever had. A wonderful opportunity to catch-up with Rhina after her move to Germany and hang out with a lovely bunch of people.Stuttgart 2017_IMG_5591.jpg
  • Paris with my mum – A 26 hour trip to explore food and fashion with my mum. A great getaway and memory I’ll always treasure. Paris 2017_IMG_5129.jpg
  • Margate Weekend – My first trip to Margate with a gang of fellow vintage-lovers. Apart from the seagulls, it was a right good giggle. Margate 2017_IMG_8544.jpg

Three Most Popular Blog Posts:

Three Great Events:

Three People I Got To Know:

  • Jennifer Brough – I bumped into Jennifer when I went to Margate. Since then we’ve met up twice and I am so happy we’ve got to know each other. We talk about everything from cake to gender politics, from vintage fashion to race relations – we just seem to be on the same wave length and I love it. London 07-17_IMG_3363.jpg
  • Dandy Wellington – To begin with, we started chatting online about shared values and views on the world today. Fast forward to November, we got to sit down over afternoon tea with our partners and have a proper chin-wag face to face. It was a truly lovely occasion. Cream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5666.jpg
  • Steph Pink – I met Steph on a trip to Manchester. From then on, we chatted online a lot. We both love food and fashion but we also talk about our issues around mental health. At the end of November, we had a proper weekend in London together which cemented our friendship. We’re already planning our next meet-up.London 11-17 Steph Pink_IMG_5843.jpg


Three Hopes For 2018:

  • I hope politicians reflect on the current state of the world and work together to make things better (unrealistic I know).
  • I hope to see all people treated with respect and kindness – no matter who they are or what their background is.
  • I hope to see greater diversity globally but particularly in the pin-up and vintage community (same as last year but I still feel it’s something to hope for).

Three Promises For 2018:

  • I will write about issues that are important to me without apology.
  • I will take time to meet new people and spend time with people who matter to me.
  • I will further educate myself on diversity and my own background, with a view to sharing more with others.

This year has been packed and, of course, there have been many ups and downs. I’m really glad I’ve pushed myself to meet new people and I’ve developed some wonderful friendships. Here’s to a positive year ahead!





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