Many Versions Of Me

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! First of all, I need to apologise for not posting last week. The end of term was incredibly busy both at home and at school so I gave myself a short break. Normal service has now resumed.

As the year has gone by, I’ve shared more about myself on social media. It’s often said that what you choose to share online is a show reel of highlights and I guess I’d like my highlights to reflect all elements of who I am – good and bad. Since my anxiety has started to improve, I’ve become a lot less self-conscious. I’ve been through periods of manically worrying about what people think of me to the point where I wouldn’t leave the house – thankfully that’s changed. I think that rather than putting a single version of myself out into the world in the hopes that people will like me, I want to be just me and people can take it or leave it. With that in mind, here I am.










I can be bright and colourful or dark and moody. I can have gigantic hair or sleek locks. I can dress practically or impractically. I can be painted for the gods or bare-faced. I can be anywhere on the masculine-feminine spectrum. I can be ready for a photo shoot or ready for bed. I can be subtle or unsubtle. I can be a vintage vixen or high street gal. I can be tough or gentle. I can be anything in between too.

Basically, I can make myself look however I want and that can change from day to day. I know there will be elements that people will love and elements that people will hate. Ultimately, it’s about what makes YOU happy. It’s been quite liberating to share different versions of me and I’ve enjoyed discovering alternative versions of others too. I look forward to exploring more in the future!

Anyway however you’re spending the holidays, look after yourselves and be kind to each other. Oh also eat and drink to your heart’s content.

Stuttgart 2017_IMG_5480.jpg

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