Autumn In Stuttgart: Part 2

Our Stuttgart adventure continues! You can catch up with part 1 here.

Day 3:

After yet another feast of a breakfast, our gang made the journey to Esslingen – not far out of Stuttgart.

Stuttgart 2017_IMG_5487.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_5488.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_5491.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0853.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_5495.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_5496.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0856.jpg

Yes, I had crepes straight after breakfast…but then nearly everyone else did too!

Stuttgart 2017_IMG_5497.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_5498.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0861.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0866.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0868.jpg

Kelly, Rhina and I all wore the same dresses because…why not? Autumnal style in the perfect backdrop. We strolled around old buildings, including a wine cellar and a church. Esslingen is incredibly picturesque – we spent a great deal of time staring at everything around us.

Stuttgart 2017_IMG_0875.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_5502.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0879.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_5503.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0885.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0888.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_5506.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0895.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_5507.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0913.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0917.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_5510.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_5512.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0926.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0928.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_5514.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_5517.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0930.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_5520.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0931.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0935.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0937.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0941.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0942.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0950.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0952.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_5531.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_0962.jpg

After a quick stop for some warming soup, we made the ascent up to the castle to get a better view of the town. It was steep but it was worth it! The views were spectacular and the castle grounds were a pleasure to walk round.

Stuttgart 2017_IMG_5538.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_5540.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_5544.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_1042.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_1043.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_1060.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_1070.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_1078.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_1082.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_5551.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_1084.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_1085.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_1086.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_1095.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_1098.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_5555.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_5558.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_1178.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_1185.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_1195.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_1198.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_1204.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_5567.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_1209.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_1216.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_5573.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_5577.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_1225.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_1226.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_1227.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_1233.jpg

As night fell, we made our way back for a local harvest festival. I have to say – I absolutely loved it. There was lots of local produce and you could try everything. The whole event was very warm and cosy; everyone was welcoming and friendly.

Stuttgart 2017_IMG_5579.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_5582.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_5583.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_5585.jpgStuttgart 2017_IMG_5594.jpgIMG_20171028_210250.jpg

After a few glasses of local wine, Rhina and Holger took us for a kebab (I wish I’d ordered a larger one!). It was the perfect end to a perfect day.

Day 4:

When we got up on Sunday, the entire flat was filled with the most delicious smell. Rhina had promised us a traditional Venezuelan breakfast and boy did she deliver! As well as traditional German fare, we were treated to home-made arepas with black beans and avocado. It was proper and it was sublime.


Rhina and Holger kept on making it harder and harder for us to leave. As a final treat (not that we needed any more), we went for some cake and tea before taking the train to the airport.


As much as the food, sights and activities were great during our trip, what made it unforgettable and truly wonderful was the company. Kelly and I had really been missing Rhina since she left London and seeing her made our little gang feel whole again. When you’re apart for a while, you worry about things becoming awkward but there was none of that. The six of us had what I can only describe as the most chilled, fun and food-filled break possible. Thank you Rhina and Holger for being fantastic hosts – we hope to repay the favour very soon. Thanks as well to Kelly and Grant for being great travel companions (we can’t wait fly off again with you two in the new year).

Here’s to making memories – PROST!

Stuttgart 2017_IMG_5591.jpg

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