Fine and Dandy

Oh Internet, you perplex me! Sometimes you fill me with dread but, more often than not, you bring me joy – particularly so in getting to know Dandy Wellington.

Both of us share similar values and views on the world. Through Instagram, we came into contact, sporadically sending messages of support or thoughts about issues to one another. Now, Dandy resides in New York and I’m based in the town of Wokingham – it felt quite unlikely that we’d ever meet. However luck would have it that Dandy and his partner were crossing the pond to visit London for a week…and so it came to be that we met in real life!


A special occasion calls for a special outfit. This vintage Windsmoor coat was picked up at my first vintage fair in Birmingham with my mum – I fell in love with the colour and the gorgeous sleeves. Under that, I wore a truly beautiful dress that my other half picked out for me when were at Twinwood this summer. Not only is it a bright shade of purple but it is also has pockets and is covered in my favourite pattern – paisley. To keep off the chill, I added a cardigan from Vivien of Holloway. I seriously loved this whole ensemble.

Cream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5602.jpgCream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5613.jpgCream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5621.jpgCream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5654.jpgCream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5611.jpgCream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5641.jpgCream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5649.jpgCream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5650.jpgCream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5620.jpgCream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5625.jpgCream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5617.jpgCream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5656.jpg

The Meeting

Nick and I met up with Dandy and Darlene at The Ivy in Kensington. We’d never been before but we’ll definitely be back again. The surroundings were stunning and the perfect setting for tea and talk. Usually I’m snap-happy but apart from stopping to photograph scones (they are quite lovely), I was too busy nattering to document anything else.

Cream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5701.jpgCream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5704.jpgCream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5706.jpg

From Kensington, we hopped on the tube to Shoreditch.

Cream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5708.jpg

We ended up at the Courthouse Hotel to meet up with some of Dandy’s friends, including the always delightful Elora and Michelle. After a week of feeling seriously under the weather, it felt good to let my hair down and hang out with people make me smile.

Cream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5713.jpgCream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5715.jpgCream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5711.jpg

We sat and talked about a heck of a lot. One of the things I particularly loved was Elora and Dandy talking about her artwork – something she should be very proud of. I love people-watching and it was was so good to be around a group of people who were happy to lift each other up for no other reason than them just wanting to. Sadly, I was still feeling rough from being ill all week so we had to head off early. We left with hugs and plans to meet again though.

Cream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5719.jpgCream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5666.jpgCream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5668.jpgCream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5673.jpgCream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5665.jpg

I couldn’t have asked for more – a wonderful memory made.

Cream Tea with Dandy Wellington_IMG_5671.jpg

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