Jean Genies #3: Lady K Loves Kickstarter

LadyKLoves Jeans Sept 2017_IMG_0500.jpg

Earlier in the year, I made a pledge to the Lady K Loves Jeans Kickstarter campaign. I already owned a pair of their jeans (you can read about then here) but I wanted to try a different style. Looking at the different styles and talking to several pals. I settled on the ‘Le Wild’ style.

LadyKLoves Jeans Sept 2017_IMG_0546.jpgLadyKLoves Jeans Sept 2017_IMG_0591.jpgLadyKLoves Jeans Sept 2017_IMG_0532.jpg

When my Kickstarter first arrived, the jeans weren’t Lady K Loves’ usual quality and they did not look right on me. Thankfully, customer service was amazing and I had a replacement pair in no time – zero hassle!

LadyKLoves Jeans Sept 2017_IMG_0549.jpgLadyKLoves Jeans Sept 2017_IMG_0520.jpgLadyKLoves Jeans Sept 2017_IMG_0516.jpgLadyKLoves Jeans Sept 2017_IMG_0606.jpg

As part of my Kickstarter pack, I got a Lady K Loves voucher so I put this towards a top – the ‘Jess’ in mustard. As soon as I saw it, I knew it would be a perfect casual separate for my wardrobe.

LadyKLoves Jeans Sept 2017_IMG_0586.jpgLadyKLoves Jeans Sept 2017_IMG_0573.jpgLadyKLoves Jeans Sept 2017_IMG_0552.jpg

I combined my Kickstarter goodies with my trusty leather jacket, an old brooch and a pair of Converse. I love how casual but put-together this outfit looks. These pieces are also easy to dress up too.

I’m really glad I pledged – I know these jeans will last for ages!

LadyKLoves Jeans Sept 2017_IMG_0557.jpg

Thanks @darktechsupport for these beautiful images!

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