Twinwood 2017: Monday

After Sunday’s celebrations, we woke up with sore heads but luckily Monday was not going to be so full on. Chugging lots of water, we had a final stroll round the stalls to see if anything took our fancy. Afterwards, I met up with the lovely Lucy for a jazz dance class (I don’t think I was in the right frame of mind that day!).

Twinwood 2017_IMG_9706.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_9710.jpg

Afterwards, I made a quick dash to Le Cafe de Bois de Jumeau to get my hair set for Ella’s (aka Miss Victory Violet) hair class, for which I was being used as a model. I washed my hair in the morning ready and popped on a turban to contain the fluff – it wasn’t too bad in the end!

Twinwood 2017_IMG_9719.jpg

I’ve met Ella on a few occasions but it’s always been at busy events. During Twinwood, it was good getting to know her better and talk more informally. I wasn’t feeling particularly fabulous after Sunday’s ciders so she bore witness to my grumpy/irritable side with Nick on the receiving end of it – poor bloke. With deft hands, Ella set my hair in no time!

Twinwood 2017_IMG_9722.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_9725.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_9727.jpg

It was odd not being a pupil in a hair class but it was really quite nice to sit back and see how everyone got on. Ella was a very calm and helpful teacher – exactly what you need as a beginner. I was lucky enough to have my hair brushed out and whipped into victory rolls at the end!

Twinwood 2017_IMG_9737.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_9738.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_9751.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_9767.jpg

It was definitely worth heading home a bit later for, plus I got to hang out with fellow Miss Vintage gals, Mazzy and Ria. My dress deserves a special mention as it was made by my very good buddy Kelly for my birthday. It’s bright and colourful with mismatched buttons down the front. My favourite thing about this dress is that it has slightly different sized pockets – every time I tuck my hands in them, I’m reminded that it’s made by the hands of a brilliant human. Thank you Kelly!

Twinwood 2017_IMG_9748.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_9746.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_9765.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_9744.jpg

After that, Nick and I swiftly went to gobble up our last crepes of the festival ready for the drive home.

Twinwood 2017_IMG_4593.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_4592.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_4591.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_4594.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_4588.jpg

Thanks for an epic weekend everyone – Twinwood, you’ve been marvellous! Here’s to next year…

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