Twinwood 2017: Sunday

Pre-Miss Vintage

Sunday started off with ice cream for breakfast because you know, why not? I was quite apprehensive about Miss Vintage so my better half did his best to keep me distracted. The first part of the day involved the rehearsal for Miss Vintage. It was lovely to meet everyone involved but then I got so self-conscious about how I looked and sounded, it all became a bit of a blur!

Twinwood 2017_IMG_9194.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_9196.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_9200.jpg

After all that, we met up with Beverly, Tanya, Flic, Carl and Rebecca who really helped to take my mind off things. I always love seeing how different people dress themselves under the umbrella of ‘vintage style’ – it gives me inspiration for my own wardrobe.

Twinwood 2017_IMG_9202.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_9216.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_9215.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_4543.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_4545.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_4547.jpg

My dress is from Peony Vintage in Margate. There are lots of things that I love about this dress: the mint and white stripes, the pockets, the belt and the long sleeves that I can roll up or down. It’s also really easy to get in and out of so I don’t need to panic about my hair.

Twinwood 2017_IMG_9231.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_9232.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_9238.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_9241.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_9242.jpg

As it got closer to Miss Vintage, I met up with Carrie-Ann who was kindly lending me her petticoat. Her family had what I can only describe as the most epic of picnics – her mum is a total feeder. Flic and I happily munched French Fancies as we nattered. I need to say a very big thank you to Carrie – she’s given me loads of advice and support in the run-up. Anxiety and fear make these situations much much worse than they actually are but Carrie talked me through everything, even up to an hour beforehand – a true pal.

Twinwood 2017_IMG_9244.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_9247.jpg

All of my Miss Vintage stuff was in Flic’s tent so we headed back so I could primp my hair and double-check my make-up. I do love how calm and kind Flic and Nick were as a faffed about – I owe you two a heck of a lot!

Twinwood 2017_IMG_9248.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_9250.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_9252.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_9254.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_9257.jpg

With all my stuff in hand, we headed back to the arena. You can read about what happened during Miss Vintage here.

Post-Miss Vintage

After all the nerves and excitement of Miss Vintage, I ended up chatting to lots of people and relaxing a little!

Twinwood 2017_IMG_4550.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_4552.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_4554.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_4555.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_4560.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_4562.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_4563.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_9626.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_9632.jpg

Feeling much calmer, my tummy started rumbling so we went to wolf down pizza (one each – no sharing). We ended up meeting Karen, Lucy and a bunch of other lovely souls for a good natter. From there, we headed to The Nag’s Head for a few ciders and a cockney sing-a-long.

Twinwood 2017_IMG_4567.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_9634.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_9637.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_4565.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_9640.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_4568.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_4569.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_9646.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_4573.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_4578.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_9649.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_9655.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_4581.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_9658.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_9692.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_4586.jpg

A properly brilliant end to a full-on day. Needless to say, I slept very well that night!

Twinwood 2017_IMG_9207.jpg

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