Twinwood 2017: Saturday

Flo and I have previously done day trips to Twinwood festival – you can read about it here. When you get through to the final ten of Miss Vintage, you’re given a pair of weekend tickets so @darktechsupport and I thought we should make the most of our tickets and stay from Saturday to Monday.

On the Saturday, we packed up the car and headed to Bedford. Once we arrived, we met up with Leanda, Rebecca and Sarah. Mooching ensued and then it was time for cake and tea. My brownie was ruddy delicious – a good choice. While sipping tea, we met up with Lucy, Tanya, Pia and Sharon too.

Twinwood 2017_IMG_4474.jpg
Dress from Vivien of Holloway

Twinwood 2017_IMG_4468.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_4480.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_4466.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_4478.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_4481.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_9109.jpg

Twinwood 2017_IMG_4486.jpg
I have no idea what was going on here
Twinwood 2017_IMG_9110.jpg

Twinwood 2017_IMG_4487.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_9114.jpg

Twinwood 2017_IMG_9117.jpg
Tea is serious business

Twinwood 2017_IMG_4490.jpg

Twinwood 2017_IMG_9121.jpg
Vintage ladies drink Vimto!

From here we continued perusing the vast number of vintage and repro stalls dotted along the site. I had a bit of a flap (massive flap) trying to find the right pair of shoes for my Miss Vintage outfit. Thankfully, Leanda was there to both comfort and laugh at me while Flic (of Esme’s Vintage Closet) helped me pick a pair of Rocket Originals. Sorry Nick for being a gigantic pain in the bum! More mooching about paid off, I picked up a colourful vintage dress WITH POCKETS for a tenner.

Twinwood 2017_IMG_9124.jpg

Twinwood 2017_IMG_4492.jpg
Nick with his beloved

Twinwood 2017_IMG_9126.jpg

Twinwood 2017_IMG_9131.jpg
Talking to Dawn Trigwell (gorgeously put-together) about how immense this jacket is
Twinwood 2017_IMG_9132.jpg
Do I get it in red, black or mustard?
Twinwood 2017_IMG_9137.jpg

Twinwood 2017_IMG_9141.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_9130.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_9147.jpg

Another break for crepes (necessary) and on we went. I went looking for some novelty brooches with some help found a fish and a flying pig. We walked and talked for ages, caught up over drinks and flitted about from stall to stall. Around five we felt pretty bushed so after revitalising pizza, Nick and I went to check into our B&B and freshen up for the evening – though I could not be bothered to change my outfit!

Twinwood 2017_IMG_4495.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_4496.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_9160.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_9166.jpg

Twinwood 2017_IMG_9172.jpg
Forever classy

Twinwood 2017_IMG_4510.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_4512.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_4514.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_9186.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_9187.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_9192.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_4504.jpg

Back for the evening, we started off at Flic’s tent as Leanda and Rebecca got themselves preened. We all went off to meet Matt and Ella for Si Cranstoun’s main stage performance. Up on the hill, we had excellent views of the whole arena and I was able to people watch to my heart’s content. A few songs in, we got numb bums so we went to explore different areas with Matt and Ella. At the Control Tower, we saw some insane swing dancing – at the edge of a dance circle we saw legs flying in the air and feet moving fast! Next up was Le Monde Electrique for Still Moving DJs. I really hope they’re at next year’s festival as their set was so good (I loved the energy and the atmosphere!). Before we headed home, we briefly caught a bit of Champagne Charlie and The Bubbly Boys but we were too bushed to stay on.

Twinwood 2017_IMG_4517.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_4524.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_4526.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_4526-2.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_4529.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_4530.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_4535.jpgTwinwood 2017_IMG_4538.jpg

All in all, a great first day and to top it off the weather was glorious!

Twinwood 2017_IMG_9134.jpg

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