Birthday Bonanza 2017

As I’ve got older, I’ve become less and less fussed about my own birthday. Being the centre of attention isn’t my idea of fun and I’d much rather spoil other people! My idea of a great celebration is being around people I love, eating yummy things and having a giggle – this year’s birthday was just that!


I love dressing up anyway but I thought I’d whip out my Vivien of Holloway Lana dress. There are lots of colours in this print so I can pair it with a variety of accessories – like my epic birthday pin from @darktechsupport. I added a teal Jenny cardigan to keep the chill off.

Chez's 29th_IMG_4193.jpgChez's 29th_IMG_4192.jpgChez's 29th_IMG_4184.jpgChez's 29th_IMG_4195.jpgIMG_20170818_230604_838Chez's 29th_IMG_4190.jpgChez's 29th_IMG_4180.jpg

Duck &Waffle

I love food – good food. My life basically revolves around what I want to wear and what I want to eat. I follow blogger @notsobasiclondon on IG and I trust all of her food suggestions, Duck & Waffle being on of them. My sister had already heard of the restaurant and was more than happy to come along. I have to say it was ruddy delicious, though I was most upset that I couldn’t finish my pudding because I was so full!

Chez's 29th_IMG_4202.jpgChez's 29th_IMG_4207.jpgChez's 29th_IMG_4213.jpgChez's 29th_IMG_4212.jpgChez's 29th_IMG_4209.jpgChez's 29th_IMG_4210.jpgChez's 29th_IMG_4214.jpgChez's 29th_IMG_4215.jpgChez's 29th_IMG_4217.jpgChez's 29th_IMG_4218.jpgChez's 29th_IMG_4219.jpgChez's 29th_IMG_4220.jpgChez's 29th_IMG_4222.jpgChez's 29th_IMG_4225.jpgChez's 29th_IMG_4227.jpg

Oh now I really want to go eat all of this again!

BOBBA Exhibition

Brick Lane wasn’t far from the restaurant at all and I knew that @burntrotimag had their ‘Beauty Of Being British Asian’ exhibition taking place there. Last week’s post was about my own feelings on being British Asian – you can read about it here. The exhibition itself was weirdly emotional, my sister felt the same way. It’s that feeling of not being alone, of finding common ground – it was welcoming and home-like. From the artwork, we were able to identify part of ourselves but also find differences from our own upbringing. I’m really glad I went, it was an eye-opening experience.

Chez's 29th_IMG_4232.jpgIMG_20170818_151923

Soofiya Andry
Shaheen Kasmani

IMG_20170818_153236IMG_20170818_153250Chez's 29th_IMG_4234.jpgChez's 29th_IMG_4231.jpg


My sister headed back home after we mooched about on Oxford Street. My better half and I headed to The Department of Coffee and Social Affairs off Carnaby Street – a place we stumbled upon a few years ago. It was so good to sit and chat about absolutely everything for a couple of hours. After that, we strolled around Soho and had a browse in a great comic book shop. Finally we got to Cahoots! It was pretty fabulous…

Chez's 29th_IMG_4235.jpg

Chez's 29th_IMG_4237.jpg
My face says delirium, his face says mildly awkward

Chez's 29th_IMG_4238.jpgChez's 29th_IMG_4239.jpgChez's 29th_IMG_4240.jpgChez's 29th_IMG_4242.jpgChez's 29th_IMG_4244.jpg

Chez's 29th_IMG_4245.jpg
So many cocktails – decisions are tricky!

Chez's 29th_IMG_4249.jpgChez's 29th_IMG_4251.jpg

Chez's 29th_IMG_4253.jpg
Thumbs up

Chez's 29th_IMG_4254.jpgChez's 29th_IMG_4256.jpgChez's 29th_IMG_4258.jpg

Chez's 29th_IMG_4261.jpg

Chez's 29th_IMG_4262.jpg

Chez's 29th_IMG_4264.jpg
This one tasted like a liquid fruit pastille
Chez's 29th_IMG_4265.jpg
Boozy garden in a glass

Chez's 29th_IMG_4266.jpgChez's 29th_IMG_4269.jpg

Chez's 29th_IMG_4271.jpg
My favourite – bloody fruity and zingy!

Chez's 29th_IMG_4273.jpgChez's 29th_IMG_4274.jpg

Yeah – it was a great birthday, no doubt! A massive thank you to @darktechsupport and my sister for organising and enjoying everything with me. I loved every second of it.

Chez's 29th_IMG_4270.jpg

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