Retro Festival 2017 In Photos

Two years ago, Flo first experienced Retrofest and she loved it. Last year, @darktechsupport and I went too – you can read about it here. After a short but very full-on holiday, we had our day tickets ready for a day of fun (neither of us had quite recovered from our trip though). In this post, I’ll go through my outfit first then look at the day in photos.


My dress is from Voodoo Vixen – loved its pockets,  buttons and neckline details. Even though this was only my second time wearing the dress, one of the pocket buttons AND and top button came off during the day. Luckily, I had my Vivien of Holloway Jenny cardigan to cover me up and keep me warm. My ‘Pink Ladies’ brooch from Small Victories Handmade complimented my outfit perfectly.

Retrofest 2017_IMG_4080.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_4094.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_4096.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_4081.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_4095.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_4099.jpg


Retrofest 2017_IMG_8869.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_8874.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_8875.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_4101.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_4102.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_4105.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_8879.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_8885.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_8886.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_4107.jpg

Retrofest 2017_IMG_8888.jpg
Flo looking stunning as always
Retrofest 2017_IMG_8896.jpg
Charmaine and the adorable Archie

Retrofest 2017_IMG_8904.jpg

Retrofest 2017_IMG_8912.jpg
The fashion show begins

Retrofest 2017_IMG_8915.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_8920.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_8906.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_8925.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_8928.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_8934.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_8938.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_8947.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_8952.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_8960.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_8962.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_8970.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_8975.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_8985.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_8981.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_4108.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_8987.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_8993.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_8998.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_9000.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_9007.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_9013.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_9021.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_9030.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_9032.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_9039.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_9042.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_9049.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_9052.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_9057.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_9058.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_9059.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_9064.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_9066.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_9068.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_9073.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_9076.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_9083.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_9084.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_4112.jpgRetrofest 2017_IMG_4114.jpg

Retrofest 2017_IMG_9104.jpg
The lovely Fay with her buddy – great rolls!

Retrofest 2017_IMG_9106.jpg

All in all a relaxing and lovely day. I loved the ever-present chilled atmosphere of the festival and, of course, all the dogs! Thanks again to my better half for these gorgeous shots – you really captured the day.


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