Pinup Picnic In The Bar 2017 In Photos

Since 2015, The British Belles have hosted an annual charity pinup meet-up. Last year, I attended my first BB event in July at Kanaloa, which was followed by their Tiki Christmas event. This year, the lovely Charlotte organised another meet-up to raise money for Shelter. Supported by Minky and Zoe, Charlotte hosted yesterday’s event at Barrio in Shoreditch. While mass meet-ups can be overwhelming due to the sheer number of  people, it’s a great opportunity to catch up with familiar faces and to get to know new folk.

This post begins by looking at my outfit, then moves on to the meet-up in photos.


This dress was the only vintage dress I bought when I went to Viva Las Vegas back in April. The different colours, the leaf pattern, the diamanté detail and the scalloped collar all screamed ‘buy me’. As the meet-up was originally a picnic, I felt it lent itself well to the theme.

Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_8703.jpgPinup Picnic 2017_IMG_8729.jpgPinup Picnic 2017_IMG_8693.jpgPinup Picnic 2017_IMG_8718.jpgPinup Picnic 2017_IMG_8731.jpgPinup Picnic 2017_IMG_8699.jpgPinup Picnic 2017_IMG_8727.jpg

Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_8712.jpg

The Event

I’ve referred to everyone by their IG name (unless they don’t have one) but I’ve not linked them as it would take faaaar too long! If you want to find someone, just search the captioned name from the photo.

Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3703.jpg

Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_8732.jpg

Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_8733.jpgPinup Picnic 2017_IMG_8734.jpg

Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_8753.jpg
This is generally how I look most of the time
Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_8754.jpg
My gorgeous buddy kellycupcakex in a dress she made herself!
Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_8759.jpg
boobrown and secretplusizegoddess

Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_8761.jpg

Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_8763.jpg
myrockabillysummer, Clare, vivorchid and sugar_bettie

Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3709.jpg

Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_8765.jpg
miss_anita_simpson and myvintageme
Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_8766.jpg
I always crack up around miss_leigh-bam

Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_8768.jpg

Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3711.jpg
The stunning and colourful Clare
Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_8772.jpg
Chatting with Marge as era_go_again spies something
Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_8776.jpg
soda_fontaine and thepinupwhofelltoearth

Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_8747.jpgPinup Picnic 2017_IMG_8777.jpgPinup Picnic 2017_IMG_8778.jpgPinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3720.jpgPinup Picnic 2017_IMG_8779.jpg

Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_8780.jpg
thevintagegirl in green, Sonia in the middle and atom_bomb_baby on the end

Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_8785.jpg

Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3723.jpg
Hostesses with the mostess(es) misspeachykeen_jellybean and thevintagegiraffe

Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3724.jpgPinup Picnic 2017_IMG_8788.jpg

Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_8790.jpg
I will always share drinks with Kelly – I just won’t look good doing it!

Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_8792.jpgPinup Picnic 2017_IMG_8796.jpg

Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_8798.jpg
miss_vintage-pagan (minus roller skates)

Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3727.jpg

Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_8814.jpg
essbeedee with Marge

Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3739.jpg

Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_8815.jpg
The beautiful Ruby in the middle
Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_8816.jpg
The lovely Helen on the left

Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_8817.jpgPinup Picnic 2017_IMG_8820.jpgPinup Picnic 2017_IMG_8840.jpgPinup Picnic 2017_IMG_8845.jpg

Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_8850.jpg
As always, incredibly over-excited to see ladyeccentrikb
Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_8854.jpg
Love these ladies – ladyoram, missleighsboudoir and theurbanpinup. Don’t we look fancy!

Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_8855.jpgPinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3779.jpg

Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3782.jpg
missjosiecottoncandy at the back

Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3714.jpgPinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3722.jpgPinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3725.jpgPinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3728.jpgPinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3729.jpgPinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3731.jpgPinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3713.jpgPinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3732.jpgPinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3733.jpgPinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3734.jpgPinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3735.jpgPinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3737.jpgPinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3740.jpgPinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3741.jpgPinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3742.jpgPinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3746.jpgPinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3753.jpgPinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3755.jpgPinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3756.jpgPinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3758.jpg

Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3759.jpg

Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3760.jpg

Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3761.jpg
New peeps – the.quirky.flaneuse and Stephanie

Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3762.jpg

Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3764.jpg
Squishy baby!
Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3765.jpg
Another organiser of the event the_glamour_advocate on the left
Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3769.jpg
Fellow pin-up teacher and hard nut bintymustard

Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3768.jpgPinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3774.jpgPinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3788.jpg

Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3790.jpg
Our trek in the rain

Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3789.jpgPinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3794.jpgPinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3793.jpg

Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3796.jpg
All aboard!
Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3798.jpg
This fella likes to impress friends by bringing them large marrows – hope you made something yummy!

If you’re not quite sure about a coming to a massive meet-up, try some smaller get-togethers beforehand. Prior to yesterday, I’d had quite a few one-to-one and small group meets. – it can help you to get to know others over a longer period of time and in a quieter environment. That works for me generally. However, whether you’re mingling with the masses or chilling on your sofa, do whatever makes you happy and comfortable. I’ll be doing a follow-up post later this week regarding my journey with anxiety over the past few years.

Thanks to Charlotte, Zoe and Minky for organising everything – not an easy feat! I got to know some more faces and had time to properly natter too. As always, I’m definitely looking forward to the next one!

Pinup Picnic 2017_IMG_3766.jpg

All photos in this post were taken on my better half’s (@darktechsupport) or my camera but he edited every single image. Thank you so so much – you’re a brilliant human!

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