Goodwood Revival – Cacao’s Top Five Things To Do…

Early last year, Flo suggested we try out Goodwood Revival. Neither of us had been before but we’d heard lots of great things about it. Fancying a new vintage experience, we picked up tickets. In September, we packed our picnic baskets, dressed to the nines and drove off to Goodwood.

1. Dress Up (if you like)

My better half doesn’t usually dress up for events but he wanted to try a different look for Goodwood. He always looks lovely but he quite enjoyed his suit and bow tie combo. My dress was from Gingermegs Vintage – I adore the print on it!

Goodwood Revival 2016_IMG_5410.jpgGoodwood Revival 2016_IMG_5477.jpgGoodwood Revival 2016_IMG_0522.jpg

2. Vintage Shopping

There are lots different vendors at the Revival – some of them are incredibly high-end. Take a stroll along the stalls and you’ll be sure to find something that catches your eye.

Goodwood Revival 2016_IMG_0529.jpgGoodwood Revival 2016_IMG_5568.jpgGoodwood Revival 2016_IMG_5555.jpg

3. People-Watching

Goodwood is spread out over quite a large area and there’s so much to see. People dress up in a variety of styles for the event so it’s worth having a gander at everyone milling around.

Goodwood Revival 2016_IMG_0527.jpg

Goodwood Revival 2016_IMG_5491.jpg
The glamorous Hettie Sky

Goodwood Revival 2016_IMG_0530.jpg

4. Fun Fair

Feel like a big kid when you have a giggle at the vintage fun fair. Do not do what I did – lose the skin on your right arm  going down the helter skelter.

Goodwood Revival 2016_IMG_0550.jpgGoodwood Revival 2016_IMG_5586.jpgGoodwood Revival 2016_IMG_5580.jpgGoodwood Revival 2016_IMG_5571.jpgGoodwood Revival 2016_IMG_5566.jpgGoodwood Revival 2016_IMG_0552.jpg

5. Vehicle Viewing

There are so many stunning, vintage vehicles at Goodwood. From mopeds to classic cars to aircraft, there’s a lot to look at!

Goodwood Revival 2016_IMG_5560.jpgGoodwood Revival 2016_IMG_5546.jpgGoodwood Revival 2016_IMG_5445.jpgGoodwood Revival 2016_IMG_5426.jpgGoodwood Revival 2016_IMG_5417.jpgGoodwood Revival 2016_IMG_5392.jpgGoodwood Revival 2016_IMG_5389.jpgGoodwood Revival 2016_IMG_5544.jpg

Overall, we had a fabulous day out. The tickets for Goodwood Revival are definitely  on the pricier side and it’s a busy event – at times a little overwhelming with the number of attendees and everything going on around you. We won’t be attending this year but I’m sure the mood will take us another time. If you love motors of any kind, lots of buzz and mooching about, Goodwood Revival is right up your street!

Goodwood Revival 2016_IMG_0520.jpg
Thanks as always to the talented @darktechsupport for his photography skills!

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