A Fashionable Day Out: Balenciaga Exhibition and What Katie Did’s Summer Soirée

My love of clothes, styling and all things fashion comes from my mum. For her birthday this year, I promised her five fabulous days out. The first one involved an exhibition of Princess Diana’s dresses and a Vivien of Holloway Lock-In. Yesterday, we met up for another day of fashion – it was a pretty good one!


Another frock from my favourite vintage emporium – Frock & Roll. This dress is full of details: pockets, a tie belt and adorable buttons!

Chez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3166.jpgChez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3171.jpgChez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3167.jpgChez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3161.jpgChez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3305.jpgChez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3303.jpgChez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3300.jpgChez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3302.jpg

Balenciaga Exhibition

I can honestly say that the Victoria and Albert Museum is the museum I’ve visited the most often. Mum and I have seen the Wedding Dress, Alexander McQueen and Underwear Exhibitions in previous years and we’ve loved every one! We hopped on the train from Wokingham and headed straight to South Kensington station.

Chez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3176.jpgChez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3190.jpgChez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3181.jpgChez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3186.jpg

Chez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3191.jpg
In RuPaul style – BALENCIAGA!

Chez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3192.jpgChez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3193.jpgChez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3197.jpgChez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3202.jpgChez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3204.jpgChez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3205.jpg

Chez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3206.jpg
The dress of my dreams
Chez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3208.jpg
The only time I’ll be able to wear Balenciaga
Chez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3209.jpg
I prefer it as a skirt

Chez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3211.jpgChez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3212.jpgChez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3220.jpgChez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3231.jpgChez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3234.jpg

Chez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3236.jpg
Me, wondering if it would be possible to sneakily take any of these pieces home – it was not

What Katie Did Summer Soirée

After the V&A, we went for lunch and a couple of much-needed margaritas. Feeling a little merry, we made our way to Portobello Road. Rachel of WKD sent me an invite a few weeks ago and I thought mum would fancy coming along too. Apologies for my gigantic face in lots of these photos. We had a blast!

Chez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3240.jpg
Wiggy, Hettie Sky and Miss Lillian Love

Chez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3242.jpgChez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3243.jpg

Chez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3244.jpg
Audrey Hipturn – a stunner!
Chez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3246.jpg
Dixie Delight – a good giggle (hope to see her perform in the future)

Chez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3247.jpg

Chez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3248.jpg
Sarah and Zoe – beautiful and hilarious humans!
Chez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3250.jpg
Audrey and I with Elle (Brummie bombshell)

Chez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3254.jpgChez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3257.jpgChez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3267.jpg

Chez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3270.jpg
Lady Eccentrik B – looking out of this world!
Chez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3277.jpg
Miss Sugar Rush (mum’s first experience of burlesque)
Chez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3279.jpg
My beloved Rhina – a vision in green

Chez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3282.jpgChez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3283.jpg

Chez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3285.jpg
Zoe and I with Rowena from Revial Retro
Chez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3286.jpg
Fellow Wonder Woman fangirls and babes
Chez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3288.jpg
With added Chelsea, Michele and Eva
Chez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3290.jpg
The Urban Pin-up (also know as Bam!, Shazam! and Damn!)

Thank you Rachel for the invite. Throughout the evening, I felt relaxed (but still terribly awkward) and I got to talk to so many lovely people. Mum found a comfy spot to sit in and ended up talking to people about the NHS, midwifery and the mysteries of life – typical her. I was also incredibly happy to see so many pin-ups of colour in one spot!

With sore feet, we headed home. I love these days out with my mum. I get to treat her like she’s always treated me and we have a good giggle. Here’s to the next one!

Chez+Mun London 07-17_IMG_3180.jpg

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