Oh We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside!

Summer has officially arrived in Britain – last week it was ridiculously hot! Carrie and Leanda from Yesterday’s Gals (a fab Facebook  group for vintage lovers) decided to organise a June meet-up by the sea. It felt quite far away but last weekend arrived quickly. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect as reports and assessments meant a break was definitely needed.

On Saturday morning, my better half and I packed an overnight bag and got the car ready for our drive to our Air B&B in Margate. As we were headed to the seaside, I had to dress for the occasion! From the back of my wardrobe, I dug out an old but firm favourite Laura Ashley dress. I love the beach hut print and also the fact the colours aren’t traditional red, white and navy. To keep off the chill, I added a cropped cardigan and my fabulous custom brooch from Lillian Madison designs.

Margate 2017_IMG_2961.jpgMargate 2017_IMG_2963.jpgMargate 2017_IMG_2976.jpgMargate 2017_IMG_2949.jpgMargate 2017_IMG_2965.jpgMargate 2017_IMG_2974.jpg

First stop of the day was Broadstairs. @darktechsupport and I arrived around eleven so we met up with the wonderful Leanda and the lovely Linz. As we are classy folk, we decided to get some tea and cake for breakfast at Bessie’s Tea Parlour. It was seriously good.

Margate 2017_IMG_2978.jpgMargate 2017_IMG_2977.jpgMargate 2017_IMG_2981.jpgMargate 2017_IMG_2979.jpgMargate 2017_IMG_2982.jpgMargate 2017_IMG_8500.jpgMargate 2017_IMG_8506.jpg

After cake, we met up with everyone else and explored Broadstairs. We might have had ice cream for lunch.

Margate 2017_IMG_2995.jpg
Margate 2017_IMG_2994.jpg
Margate 2017_IMG_2993.jpg
Margate 2017_IMG_2992.jpg
Margate 2017_IMG_2991.jpg
Margate 2017_IMG_2990.jpg

Margate 2017_IMG_8511.jpgMargate 2017_IMG_8513.jpgMargate 2017_IMG_2983.jpgMargate 2017_IMG_2985.jpgMargate 2017_IMG_3019.jpg

Margate 2017_IMG_3003.jpg
Morellis Ice Cream Parlour

Margate 2017_IMG_3004.jpgMargate 2017_IMG_3009.jpgMargate 2017_IMG_3007.jpgMargate 2017_IMG_8524.jpgMargate 2017_IMG_8528.jpgMargate 2017_IMG_2987.jpgMargate 2017_IMG_8519.jpgMargate 2017_IMG_8530.jpgMargate 2017_IMG_3001.jpgMargate 2017_IMG_3015.jpgMargate 2017_IMG_8570.jpgMargate 2017_IMG_8550.jpgMargate 2017_IMG_8533.jpgMargate 2017_IMG_8537.jpgMargate 2017_IMG_8553.jpgMargate 2017_IMG_8547.jpgMargate 2017_IMG_8562.jpgMargate 2017_IMG_8563.jpgMargate 2017_IMG_8564.jpg

Margate was up next. We had a big old mooch around, dinner in a diner, wind-swept ciders and a good giggle.

Margate 2017_IMG_8578.jpgMargate 2017_IMG_8581.jpgMargate 2017_IMG_3024.jpgMargate 2017_IMG_3031.jpg

Margate 2017_IMG_3030.jpg
A chance encounter with the adorable Jennifer

Margate 2017_IMG_3032.jpg

Margate 2017_IMG_8585.jpg
I’m really not a fan of seagulls
Margate 2017_IMG_8588.jpg
In fact, I fear them

Margate 2017_IMG_3034.jpg

Margate 2017_IMG_3042.jpg
Linz – queen of the roller disco!

Margate 2017_IMG_3053.jpgMargate 2017_IMG_3054.jpg

Margate 2017_IMG_3055.jpg

Margate 2017_IMG_3059.jpgMargate 2017_IMG_3060.jpg

By the time it got to nine o’clock, we were pretty exhausted so we headed off for looong night’s sleep! The next day, @darktechsupport and I strolled around Margate and had some seriously yummy pizza.

Margate 2017_IMG_3076.jpg

Margate 2017_IMG_3070.jpg
The Shell Grotto – it was spooky!

Margate 2017_IMG_3075.jpg

Margate 2017_IMG_3080.jpg
The Greedy Cow
Margate 2017_IMG_3084.jpg
Peony Vintage – might have picked up something here…

Margate 2017_IMG_3082.jpgMargate 2017_IMG_3083.jpgMargate 2017_IMG_3086.jpg

Margate 2017_IMG_3087.jpg
The yummiest pizza!

Margate 2017_IMG_3089.jpg

We had such a great break. The internet can be a bit of a nightmare at times but then it can also get you in touch with some great like-minded people. It’s a little odd sometimes, meeting people you’ve only ever seen on a screen but after a while you realise you’re just humans hanging out, trying to muddle through life. I’m definitely looking forward to more meet-ups with these guys!

Margate 2017_IMG_8544.jpg
I’m pretty sure my husband was laughing at me while he was taking this

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