Break Time and Blog Contributions #1

Since September, I’ve taken full-time responsibility for the blog. Since then I’ve managed to keep up with Wednesday and Sunday weekly posts. Being a teacher, this final summer term is really full on and my diary is filling up fast. With this in mind, I’ve decided to reduce my blogging to just one day a week – Sundays. There might be some sporadic Wednesday posting but it’s not going to be as consistent as it has been in previous months. I love blogging but, from the start, I’ve said to myself that it should never feel like work. It hasn’t got to that point yet but I don’t want it to!

Being responsible for the blog has made me consider taking on contributions from others. When Flo and I first started blogging, we did a guest blog post for Miss Amy May. It was a one-off but it was good to try something different. Guest blog posts can be about anything roughly linked to the Papow & Flo blog: body positivity, pin-up style, diversity, changing mindsets, anxiety etc. It would be great to feature other people – whether you fancy doing something one-off or a series, try it out! If you would like to write a guest blog, feel free to contact me on

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog – it may be a hobby but it means a lot!

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