Papow Ponders #11: Wonder People


I started blogging at a time of great anxiety. As time’s gone by, there have been some changes in my life: I moved school and cut down my daily commute by two hours; I’ve pushed myself to go out and meet more people and I’ve found more purpose in life. Right now I’m at pretty good place in life and I couldn’t have got here without some Wonder People spurring me on.


My mum and my sister have always been there for me through thick and thin. I can laugh, cry and argue with them, knowing that I’m loved and accepted. Both of them have fought their own battles and come out on top – we’re a tough bunch, us three.


My better half @darktechsupport is my biggest cheerleader. He can’t help but be honest and it’s just what I need. He’s pushed me to try new things out of my comfort zone and I’m so grateful for the encouragement. Even at my lowest, he never fails to try his best to perk me up.


Flo was one of the first people to show me that I wasn’t being vain for dressing up or doing my hair and make-up. She showed me the joy in having a giggle and getting dressed to the nines. I have had such fantastic times with her – no doubt more to come!

Sketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2732.jpg

Rhina and Kelly have brought so much fun into my life. I am never afraid to have big conversations with them, though it can be dangerous when we go shopping together. There a lot of love and laughter when we’re together and it will continue, even when Rhina moves away.

London 12-16 Simone Kelly_IMG_0992.jpg

Simone always puts a smile on my face and though we don’t see each other often, we natter like no-one’s business when we get together. She’s always tried to build me up, especially when I’ve dug my heels in.

London 03-17 Kings-girls_IMG_1356.jpg

My buddies from uni keep me laughing, keep me thinking. We despair, we panic but we also try to uplift one another. We’ve known each other for years and we spend a lot of time apart – when we get together, we put the world to rights.


The Pinups of Color group have helped me to feel proud of my skin. They’ve made me consider my place in the world and through that I’ve worked on spreading the word about diversity in vintage myself.

Kew Gardens Mar 2016_IMG_7577.jpg

The Yesterday’s Gals group has put me in touch with some fabulous folk. I’ve found fellow teachers, geeks, loudmouths and awkward people – I love it! The group’s helped me to become less anxious and to feel more proud of who I am. Hopefully this summer, we’ll have more meet-ups!

There are SO MANY MORE Wonder People who I haven’t mentioned out there — all of them little by little have helped to dig me out of a hole and continue to stop me from falling back in. They make me feel like Wonder Woman – strong and powerful.




Who are your Wonder People? Who fights your corner on the darkest days? Who is there to hold your hand? Who is there to lift you up? Let them know who they are.

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