The Pinup Academy Experience

As we got more and more into blogging and pin-up styling, Flo and I started researching photography and hair/make-up packages. We wanted to try out things that we couldn’t really achieve ourselves at the time. Having gone to a Pinup Academy modelling/photography day a few months prior, Flo and I decided to bite the bullet and book a session at their studio last year (2016).

Before the shoot day, we were given a ton of advice and all of our ridiculous questions were answered fully. On the actual day, we felt ready for anything. On arrival, we had a natter over coffee and were further briefed on what we’d be up to. Si (doing the photography) and October (on hair and make-up) were incredibly relaxed and open – they really put us at ease.

Before the shoot, Flo and I went through four hours of hair and make-up – yes, that’s two full hours each. During this time, we chatted about life and October gave us a ton of tips on doing out hair and make-up – from tying a headscarf to working on eyeliner. Both of us got so much out of our time with her – thanks for all of the advice!


Once hair and make-up were sorted, it was time to shoot. Flo and I had a brief run through of the sets and knew immediately that we wanted to start off with the kitchen set. I wore an old Pinup Girl Clothing dress with old season Primark shoes and a huge poofy petticoat. To say I was very happy with the results is a massive understatement!


Next, we moved on to the living room and I changed into this lovely Vivien of Holloway set. We switched up the flowers to a scarf and had a short biscuit break.


Finally, we finished up with the Tiki bar set. Hair wizard October gave us a quick change of hair – which I managed to keep in for three days after! I popped on an old cardigan and a mix of Vivien of Holloway pieces.


All in all, it was such a great experience. October is brilliant at her craft and is a great teacher too – her posing tips were so helpful. Si was so friendly and supported us through the process too, taking time to natter to my other half too. Can’t wait to do it again some day!


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