Tentacles By The Sea – Part 2


During my stay in Brighton, I decided to stick with a nautical theme. Sunday’s outfit was bright and colourful but Monday’s was a little different.


As the forecast was for rain, I packed a practical outfit. When I was over at Viva, I picked up this top from Mischief Made Me. I love the quirky nautical print, the sleeve length and the softness of the material. Well, it had to come to the seaside with me


These Collectif jeans paired with my top nicely and they’re so comfortable – I have them in black and blue. As we were walking all over the place, I chucked on my walking boots (not particularly fashionable but necessary).


To give my hair a little more protection from the weather, I popped on one of my turbans from Sarah’s Doo Wop Dos. These turbans are so easy to slip on and they add a pop of colour to your outfit. As I didn’t fancy doing much with my hair, it was the perfect accessory to bring along.


We had such a lovely weekend away – I can’t wait for the next one!


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