One Heck Of A Day Out!

Note: Before I got into my main post, I want touch on the events of last night. Luckily, all of us got home safely as terrible events took place in London. I feel so much sadness and anger about what happened around Borough Market and London Bridge but I’m very proud of all the help and support from people around the city. Hate cannot destroy such positivity. London embraces all people and I know it will continue to do so.

Previously, I’ve written about my friendship with Kelly and Rhina. It seems that whenever we meet up, we have a seriously good time. After finding out that Rhina had only had one afternoon tea in her nine years of living in the UK, Kelly and I set out to rectify this ASAP. On our last day out, we spent our time around Kew Gardens in Richmond. This time, we swished about central London. These are a mixture of our photos.



My favourite dress from Tatyana Boutique and my new favourite pin badge from Kate Gabrielle.

Sketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2661.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2655.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2662.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2654.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2660.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2666.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2653.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2663.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2656.jpg

Stop 1: What Katie Did

I’ve been going to What Katie Did for five years. I love their corsets and big knickers! Every time I visit the shop, I bring someone new. This time round, Kelly and Rhina came along. Rachel and the other shop assistants are always incredibly kind and helpful – I never feel worried about how my body looks in front of them. Kelly grabbed a waist cincher (though she did like the effects of a corset). Rhina picked up a whole bundle of goodies and received a stockings lesson from Rachel.

IMG_20170604_121506_042Sketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2679.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2669.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2670.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2671.jpgIMG_20170603_122433

Kelly painted these for me and Rhina – we had no idea that she’d framed them for us!

Sketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2674.jpg

Stop 2: Revival Retro

I totally forgot to take photos while we were actually there (oops). I mainly wanted to go to say hi to the lovely Sarah who works there – she’s fab!


Stop 3: Sketch Afternoon Tea

The reason we were all in pink? This tea room! A great spot to tick off of Rhina’s afternoon tea list. I’d already been to Sketch for my birthday last year and I was more than happy to return. We bumped into Tanya and Boo there too! From the string quartet to the pink-suited caviar man, from the weird egg-pod toilets to the insane patisserie, we loved every single moment (apart from when I nearly smacked a full tray out of a waiter’s hand – thanks for capturing that, Kelly).

IMG_20170604_121039_691IMG_20170604_121110_324IMG_20170604_121210_470Sketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2690.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2689.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2684.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2683.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2682.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2685.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2692.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2686.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2688.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2695.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2696.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2693.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2698.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2700.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2703.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2704.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2705.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2706.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2708.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2709.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2710.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2714.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2715.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2717.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2720.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2721.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2722.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2729.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2725.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2724.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2723.jpgIMG_20170604_121347_148Sketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2731.jpg

Stop 4: Vivien of Holloway

Well, you know – it had to be done. We arrived quite late but we had the shop all to ourselves which was great. Obviously, we all ended up grabbing something. The shop girls were fantastic and made us feel welcome and relaxed even though we were short on time.

Sketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2732.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2734.jpgIMG_20170604_121708_947Sketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2736.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2737.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2739.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2735.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2740.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2741.jpgIMG_20170604_121806_950

Stop 5: The Coronet, Holloway Road

Cider is also a shared love of ours and boy, we needed a few. The Coronet is a converted old cinema a really beautiful space to sit back with a drink. As always, we talked about the good, the bad and the ugly. Such a great way to end an evening and we had chips too – perfect!

Sketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2747.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2744.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2745.jpgSketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2743.jpg

After all our antics, we parted ways and headed home. It was one heck of a day and I loved every moment. Our girl gang is made up of some tough, smart and fabulous women!

Sketch&Viv with Kelly and Rhina_IMG_2673.jpg

2 thoughts on “One Heck Of A Day Out!

  1. I am writing a blog about the no.43 bus route that runs the length of Holloway Road so this is of much interest. Great post and you look ace.


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