Hibiscus Happiness with Susan Phelps Photography


Hibiscus flowers just make me happy. I always associate them with Fiji and my family, especially my grandma who has an interpretation of a hibiscus flower tattooed on her forearm (I have the same tattoo on my thigh).


When I spotted this dress at Vivien of Holloway, I instantly fell in love! You can tell right away that these are bright, bold flowers. I love the simple colour scheme too.


I adore a well-fitted garment and this dress is a dream – you don’t need to wear a bra with it! The skirt falls beautifully, it looks gorgeous with or without  a petticoat.


For this shoot, I added a black cropped cardigan and simple black shoes. You could also turn this into a much more casual outfit by adding a jumper and some Converse.


I tried a dry-set on my hair for the first time. It came out really smooth but I missed my usual frizzy curls.


Thanks to Susan Phelps Photography for another stunning set of photos – I love them!

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