Viva Las Vegas #20: Saturday Part 2

After some time recovering from the heat of the Vegas sun, we popped on fresh threads and headed out for our final night. I changed my lippie to go with my gorgeous Vivien of Holloway dress and I added a hair flower to my massive ‘do.


Having heard some great reviews, we started off at The Golden Tiki for a drink. It’s a lot bigger than Frankie’s and though I loved the decor, it didn’t feel as cosy and intimate. I’m glad we went but Frankie’s has a special place in my heart!


When we got to The Orleans, we had a final stroll around the vendors while it was quiet. Here I met Bettina (Miss Lulu Heart) who was such a pleasure to talk to! Then we bumped into the gorgeous Kara again (she has the loveliest smile!).


Flo was really excited to see Wanda Jackson so we got to the Mardi Gras Ballroom early to get a good spot. On the dance floor, we saw a boy strolling in such fantastic style – everyone around us was loving it. We got chatting to a few other people waiting for Wanda, which made time fly by. Eventually, the great woman herself came on stage to rapturous applause. As well as her own songs, she also sang tunes by Elvis and Amy Winehouse. It was an amazing set and we got to hear some of her stories too. We didn’t get any photos – just got into the session!


Feeling the week catch up with us, we headed back to Alder and Birch to repeat our fabulous Friday meal.

I know there are things that we missed out on and we could have crammed so much more in but I honestly don’t regret any of it. I had one hell of a holiday with my better half and my pin-up wifey – I could not have asked for more!


One thought on “Viva Las Vegas #20: Saturday Part 2

  1. I love your Vivien of Holloway sarong dress, it’s beautiful on you! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog posts about Viva, hopefully one year I’ll get there! 🙂


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