Viva Las Vegas #20: Saturday Part 1

As it was Viva and we didn’t know when we’d next be back, Flo and I booked in with Heads Will Roll salon to get our hair and make-up done for our last full day of Viva. It was quite nice to walk to The Rio in the sunshine with a bare face.


After an hour and a half (and a lot of hairspray and bobby pins), my look was complete! To say I loved it is an understatement – it was so much better than I could have imagined! My hair was huge and strong-holding and my make-up was bright and bold to go with my dress for the day.


I love this dress so much – it’s from Alexandra Vintage (sadly now closed down).


Glamorised, we grabbed @darktechsupport and got an Uber to The Orleans for the car show. It was seriously hot – we’d all slapped on sun cream, grabbed parasols and took huge bottles of water with us. Shopping was our first port of call so we perused the many stalls for pretties to take home.


Saying hello to Miss Lillian Love


Shurlee Sweet – what a stunner!
Gals from ‘The Bonnit’

Later on, we stood and watched the pin-up contest. I placed my first and only bet with a few onlookers on who would win (no money changed hands) but I lost!


We took a very necessary ice cream break from the sun and then lined up to get back into the car show. This time we went walking among the cars, people watching and soaking up the sun.

Gotta see Elvis officiate a wedding when in Vegas!


We were pretty happy bunnies – I just don’t think we’re used to so much heat and sun!


Up next – our final night at Viva.

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