Viva Las Vegas #20: Friday Part 2

In new threads, we lined up for the 6pm Burlesque Showcase. So many people were dressed to impress – boy, there were a lot of sequins! I changed my lipstick on and slipped on this gorgeous dress by Scarlet Rage Vintage.


Dita Von Teese was due to perform in the evening but, due to her big name status as a performer, we thought she’d be in the finale. On the fourth row from the front, we sat with baited breath as the curtain rose.


There she was, sparkling in the spotlights, resplendent in our gaze – the queen of burlesque. I gawped while swearing and squeezing Flo and @darktechsupport’s hands!


We also saw several other acts including a set of Star Wars-inspired burlesque acts by The Star Girls (bizarre but brilliant!).


Immodesty Blaze performed in fabulous style. Dita returned for a stunning finale – all eyes were on her!


On the way out, I managed to bump into Jenny Rieu who was waiting for the 9pm show. She’s so beautiful and just lovely!


Stunned and a little overwhelmed, we wandered over to the pub in The Orleans. It was such a warm and lovely atmosphere; there were friends dancing and people chatting as music played. We bopped and wiggled as we waited for Los Rhythm Rockets to start up. Finally, the band arrived on stage and the crowd was buzzing! We stayed for the entirety of their set – I loved every minute.


After the pub, we went upstairs to catch the end of Si Cranstoun’s set, which included one of my favourite tunes – ‘Let’s Twist again’. The ballroom was busy but it was worth coming up to take in the last few tunes!


On the way back downstairs, I saw Pinup Doll Ashley Marie. I’ve followed her make-up and hair tutorials on YouTube for ages; I’ve always admired her honesty and down-to-earth manner.


Tired and starving, we went Alder and Birch for much-needed steak and cocktails. A perfect end to a perfect day.


Next up – Saturday’s car show.

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