Viva Las Vegas #20: Friday Part 1

Friday was seriously full-on and it started early! As this was the 20th anniversary of Viva, the Burlesque Showcase was brimming with fantastic performers and we were adamant that we were going to get a seat. Armed with tea, coffee and my notebook, we camped out in the queue from 6.20am.


As it was so early, I wasn’t going to get into full hair and make-up. To stay comfy and presentable, I covered my rollers with this turban from Sarah’s Doo Wop Dos and popped on this wonderful forties housecoat from Frock&Roll.


Again, company made a boring wait bearable – this time we talked with a mother and daughter from the UK and we shared some travel tips for their later trip to San Francisco. After nearly three hours, we got our tickets and skipped off to a much-needed brunch at Makers and Finders – again!

Full up and more awake, we returned to our hotel to get ready for more fun at The Orleans. I went bold and bright with this vintage dress I picked up from a stall at Goodwood Revival.


When we got to The Orleans, the fashion show was already half way through but we got to catch the tail-end of Ains and Elke StyleHaus’s collection while @darktechsupport was setting up his camera. Olivia was modelling a long red dress and she just looked WOW! In addition, we saw an amazing collection from Prettie Lanes, as well as clothing from Swearing Parrot and Secrets In Lace. I was so excited to see Jenny Rieu modelling – she’s such a babe.


Swearing Parrot


Prettie Lanes


Secrets In Lace


After all the glamour of the fashion show, we decided to take a breather and go bowling. There was an offer on at Viva: for $5, you got two games and a slice of pizza – who could say no to that?


Part way through our game, I spotted Helen. I’d met her previously at the Christmas Tiki Meet-up in the UK – she has amazing taste in clothes and I always envy the white streak in her hair! She and her husband also looked very happy to be attending Viva.


Feeling the need to change outfits for the Burlesque Showcase, we returned to our hotel.

Next up – the Burlesque Showcase and Los Rhythm Rockets.

2 thoughts on “Viva Las Vegas #20: Friday Part 1

  1. I went to Makers and Finders a couple of times during Viva too!! It was so good and I’m practically plan next Viva around visits there!


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