Viva Las Vegas #20: Pre-Viva Part 2


We had a bit of a lie-in in the morning then headed back to Makers and Finders for brunch. I wore an old favourite dress from Mars Vintage in Berkley.


After looking round at some of the graffiti, my better half headed off and I took Flo to The Glam Factory to try on a dress I’d seen for her. I wear a mix of repro and vintage whereas Flo has much more repro in her wardrobe so when I see something vintage for her, I have to show her ASAP!


The two of us ended up at Rockin’ Bettie ready for our class with His Vintage Touch (Tony). One of my aims in life is to meet as many different hair wizards as possible and Tony is one of the greatest! In a hot room at the back of the store, Flo and I sipped pink champagne as we waited. As a teacher, I’ll admit that I had never seen such a glamorous class of students from around the globe.


His sweet assistant Ulysses made sure we were all relaxed and well hydrated – I was so ready to learn! I won’t go through every detail of the class but basically it was amazing. Tony was hilarious and totally down to earth. Even though his looks took time, every single one was achievable for an amateur like me (I just need time to practise now). Every model was utterly stunning and coped well with the vast amount hairspray in the air. At the end of the class, we were able to meet Tony. I was so glad about this as I got to thank him for using his voice to support LGBTQ people and people of colour. What an experience!


Feeling like a boil-in-the-bag meal, we headed back to our hotel to shower and change. I changed into this green Kitty dress by Vivien of Holloway.


Freshened up, we headed to The Orleans to pick up our wristbands while it was quiet. It was great to see many fellow Viva attendees already milling around the venue.


As there wasn’t really anything much on for Viva that night, we decided to visit Fremont Street (sometimes known as The Old Strip). On approach, it looked like a sea of bright lights – this was the Vegas I had in my head. It was busy and full of tourists but none of us minded that; we spent the first few minutes gawping at everything around us and staring at the lights. If you ever visit this spot, I recommend finding a place that overlooks the area so you can sit with a drink and take it all in!


At one end of Fremont Street there’s a container park – we went there for dinner. At the entrance, there’s a Burning Man remnant in the form of a massive fire-spouting praying mantis.


It’s quite a nice space to hang out and people watch and there are shops open late too. Mexican food in the US is much better than the majority of Mexican food in the UK so I had to have some – the guacamole was just sublime!


Us just after a fire engine tooted its horn way too loudly!


Fed and watered, we walked back up the street and headed back to our hotel.

Up next – Thursday’s photo shoot.

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