Skirt Swishin’ with Susan Phelps Photography


As my wardrobe’s expanded, I’ve made sure to add more separates. I adore my dresses but sometimes it’s good to get a little more versatility out of my clothes.


For this post, I took an old  Lindy Bop top and paired it with two different skirts. This first skirt is this lovely monochrome gingham skirt from Vivien of Holloway. It’s a lovely skirt for summer – light and breezy but slightly textured. You can easily dress this skirt up or down, I went for a more casual look.



For the second skirt, I chose this heavier, colourful, woven skirt from Joy (now sold out). I just love that this skirt has pockets – every skirt and dress should have pockets! The different colours in this skirt makes it really easy to pair different tops.



Thanks to Susan Phelps Photography for these lovely photos – it was worth going up that ridiculous slope!

Which tops do find easiest to pair different skirts with? How do you mix up your separates?

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